BAF-Europe highlights HR, exiled issue


The Bhutanese Advocacy Forum  (BAF – Europe) raised the issue of exiled Bhutanese and human rights situations of the country in the Dutch Parliament on 7 December and at the European Parliament on 8 December.

Hague-based Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD) together with Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) organized the program.

The Forum appraised on Bhutanese issues with Haary van Bommel, Head of the Human Rights Committee of the Dutch Parliament, on December 7, stated a press release issued on Friday.

The Bhutanese delegates in the European Parliament (Picture : BAF-Europe)

“The delegation strongly raised the issues of human rights violations and the lack of inclusive and vibrant democracy in Bhutan. It also complained that the developmental activities in Bhutan are mostly concentrated in the east and west,” said the statement.

The Forum further said that it also informed that the southern Bhutanese are denied of equal opportunity to education and employment, saying that even the southern Bhutanese students who secured the excellent marks in their final school examinations have been deprived of getting enrolled in the government colleges.

The Bhutanese delegation communicated that the Lhotsampas are not entitled for the services in departments like national airlines, post, the ministries of home and foreign affairs, police and army

The delegation advised Bommel to strengthen Bhutan-Dutch relations, but ensuring that Bhutan treats the entire citizens equally without any discrimination based on race, religion, region, conscience and ethnicity.

Meanwhile, the delegation also asked the Dutch Parliament to press Bhutan to release all political prisoners unconditionally.

“Decision to change the names of villages and towns in southern Bhutan should be reviewed which otherwise is also a form of ethnic cleansing,” added the statement.

The Bhutanese delegates in European Parliament

In both the occasions, the delegates appealed the EU to work towards bringing refugee leaders and Bhutan government together at one table for the permanent solution of the Bhutanese refugee and other related issues.

The delegation also requested European Union to send an independent monitoring team to control the effective implementation of those recommendations accepted by Bhutan during the 6th Universal Periodic Reviews in March 2010, and even similar team should also be formed in Damak, Nepal to monitor the screening of the Bhutanese refugees’ resettlement process.

It further added that monitoring the screening was a must to avoid unnecessary wastage of refugees’ time and massive corruption and harassment in the whole process.

Similarly, in another conference themed ‘Rights of Minorities in South Asia’ held in the European Parliament, the six-member Bhutanese delegation led by Founding Member and Coordinator for Germany Tej Man Rayaka, highlighted similar issues and concerns, added the statement.


  1. BAF is the only forum which can address our issue with consciencese. Congratulation Ram daju Gopal daju Tej Bhai and all the delegates who spare your valuebletime and money for the general cause
    You have all done well
    once more thank you one all for bringing the issue in right place

  2. Khudos to the Bhutanese delegation for keeping the Bhutanese issue alive and informing and educating the European Parliament about the atrocities of the Druk regime! This is how we educate each community where ever we are.
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    Concord, NH USA

  3. Yes! Now, we are in those countries where we can practice a real meaning of democracy. So, we all resettled Bhutanese need to aware the whole world about the misinterpreted story of 1980 and 90s in Bhutan.

    Just visit Wikipedia and search Bhutanese refugee, you will see how we are misrepresented and considered as illegal immigrant. This is all the diplomacy of fourth king and the government of Bhutan to turn the page of GNH, hiding the bitter truth of ethnic cleansing to the world.

    JSW and his delegates need to be held responsible for ethnic cleansing in Bhutan. We also need to advocate for the vulnerable situation refugee in camp as well as inside Bhutan.

    Thanks and regards for whole team for keeping our issue alive. Hope our friends in US would take this types of steps in future to give the real vision of Human Right and freedom of expression inside Bhutan today and in the past.

    Once again Khudos to your great effort!

  4. Good Job! The movement for true democracy, human rights and fair justice to the citizens of Bhutan within the country and in exile needs to be continued. We cannot stop our struggle no matter where we are re-located and how we are living today. I am confident that more such efforts will come from different parts of the world until the most patriotic people of Bhutan gain their justice and live in complete peace and happiness.

  5. Congratulation to the BAF delegates. Your participation in the international forum at the Dutch parliament and European Parliament carries a strong bearing in the human rights situation in Bhutan.We should continue to campaign our issue like this.Thanks for managing your precious time and resources for the general cause of Bhutanese people.

  6. Can the grand curtain of GNH cover the plight of these Bhutanese defrauded and thugged by their own rulers? Then the whole world judging the scene can be considered blind, running to get something from the person that can give nothing or hurrying to the place where they get nothing!