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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the project

1) Why this project?
To create awareness among the resettled Bhutanese pursuing college/higher education. It is the base in the U.S. or other resettlement countries for career building.

2) How can I be part of the project? Can I get paid?
It is very nice of you to think of being a part of the project. We appreciate this. Please feel free to email us and we’ll let you know how you can be a part of the project. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to pay anyone. Please note that we are an all-volunteer non-profit organization. If you become a part of the project, you’ll work as a volunteer.

3) I know a success story in the community. Do you’ve any set criteria as to what can or cannot be featured?
It depends on the nature of the success story you’re referring. If it is related to education, we are confident we can feature it. Contact us with the details of the success story, and we will get back to you to confirm if it’s worth featuring.

4) Do you’ve a directory of college graduates?
At this time, we don’t have a directory. But our eventual goal is to have one. We’ll continue to maintain this list as the time passes on. We may already have someone in our directory that you might be interested to talk to. You can always reach to us, and we will let you know if we have one.

5) I wanted to be listed in that directory. What do I have to do?
First of all, thanks for your willingness to be part of it. All you need to do is send us an email with your details (with at least name and address, level of education, major/minor, did you graduate?, do you wish to answer questions and or are you willing provide suggestions to others who want to pursue similar degree?).

6) What do I do if I do not feel comfortable sharing my details? 
We understand it completely. However, you can trust us on this. When someone wants to be in your touch, we will make sure we established the identity first prior to exchanging your details. We’ll not publicize your information without your permission.

7) What is the benefit of being enlisted in the directory?
The only benefit is that you’re helping someone in need from the community with information that they might be struggling to find. It’s part of giving back to the community after you’ve a degree. Your small effort can bring big difference in the making phase of somebody’s future career.

8) Can I write a success story of my own, family member or a friend?
Of course, YES. We appreciate your willingness to save our time and we consider-by doing so you are taking part for a good cause.  But, we sincerely anticipate,  please inform us in advance before you actually start writing/documenting the success stories. Although, we would be happy to accept the direct submission, to make it worthwhile,  we strongly consider that a pre-approval from us would almost guarantee the publication of the story.

9) How often do you update the page of this project on the website? 

To start, we are thinking of updating twice in a month. It might change to weekly in future.

10) Sometimes ‘failure’ stories also encourage others. Do you’ve a space for it? 

Yes, we understand that failure is, of course, the key to success. We would be happy to feature such stories too depending upon the content and its theme.

Should you’ve any other questions about the project not addressed in FAQs? Got ideas to share? Or are you a ‘success story’ and willing to be featured? Please feel free to contact the following individuals.

TP Mishra
[email protected]

Buddha M. Dhakal
[email protected]