BAASA to hold 2nd interstate soccer from July 4


The Bhutanese Australian Association of South Australia (BAASA) said it will host the second edition of the Bhutanese Australian National Soccer Championship for four days starting from July 4-7.

BAASAThe Interstate Soccer Tournament will be being held in Burton Community Football Facility of Football Federation of South Australia (FFSA) in the City of Salisbury and will be the single largest event for the local Bhutanese community this year, according to BAASA.

It said that various nine teams from different states of Australia such as Adelaide Dragons Red, Adelaide Dragons Blue, Sydney DFC, Three Star Albury, Launceston, Hobart, Cairns, Brisbane and Melbourne would participate in the tournament.

“Soccer plays an important role in the Bhutanese community.  A common interest in soccer has helped give many Bhutanese – the majority of them who have come to Australia on refugee and humanitarian visas – a sense of belonging and has assisted the community, particularly the young members in retaining their links to their cultural background,” said a statement issued by BAASA.

The tournament, according to the organizer, aims to bring Bhutanese people from across Australia together and allow all participants and spectators a forum in which they may share their post settlement stories.

“A large component of the tournament will be the cultural festivities that will take place over four days.  Bhutanese dancers, singers and puppeteers will put on several important performances for the enjoyment of all and will allow the wider community to develop an appreciation of other cultures’ rich and diverse histories.”

Established in 2009, BAASA has been providing both practical assistance and cultural support to the local and broader Bhutanese community.

Half of all Bhutanese people who have entered Australia on a have settled in South Australia and a high proportion of them in the Salisbury area.