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A Software Engineer by profession and an information technology enthusiast, Tika Sapkota is a former Bhutanese refugee and a former high school teacher who brings experience and expertise in wide range of areas. Tika has enormous passion in literature and journalism including writing, reviewing and editing news articles, reports etc. A Summa Cum Laude graduate from Penn State University, Tika holds double degrees in science – Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Tribhuwan University, Nepal and Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology from Penn State University, USA.

Tika is a proud Bhutanese American who has been awarded in several occasions for his unwavering dedication and outstanding performance in his former teaching profession as well as in his current profession working in various capacities within public sector while serving state and Federal government. Tika worked as a high school mathematics teacher in Galaxy Public School– one of the most popular schools in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tika was as good of a student as a teacher, who always topped his class back in his school days. He was one of the topmost students recognized by Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal for acquiring highest marks (that translates to GPA) in English language. In addition to his exceptional English language proficiency, Tika is a problem solver and IT solutions developer — and that itself brings a unique talent to BNS team.