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3: Yuva Ka Kura: Dating as Bhutanese Women

In this episode, Susanna Pradhan is joined by her friends, Prakriti Rai and Bishnu Mishra, to discuss what dating is like for them as...

Yoga : Understanding human body biologically and spiritually

In this episode, Khim Khatiwoda talks about the human life, the variations in understanding by the East and West. Yoga is the essential spice...

5: Hypertension: Health talk with Bikash and Kumari Regmi

Right now it is more important than ever that we think positively and try toboost our overall health. “ Health is a state of...

Yuva Ka Kura: Intro

Biraj and Susanna, both section editors for BNS, host this show to discuss various topics in and out of the community from the perspective...