Aussie Bhutanese to Host Multicultural Festival


Bhutanese Organisation of Australia is set to organize a multicultural festival on November 3, 2012 in Glenroy College, Melbourne on the occasion of Dashain and Tihar, the two great Hindu Festivals. The aim of organizing the festival is to introduce Bhutanese community to the world community of Victoria, to the government agencies, other facilitating agencies and also to promote cultural harmony among various ethnic groups.

According to the organizers, the festival shall involve various government and social service providers of Victoria engaged in community service for the new comers. “It is an initiative by BOA in partnership with Karen-Burmese, Assyrian and Chaldean, Burundian and others from Africa, Italian, Greeks, Kurdish, Indian, Nepalese, Chinese and Vietnamese communities living in Victoria”, reads a promotional flyer of BOA.

By the way of hosting such multicultural event, BOA hopes to make it more meaningful by including some charity events like blood donation through Red Cross, organ donation through DonateLife Victoria and UNHCR charity donation to African refugees.

Incepted in 2009, Bhutanese Organization in Australia is encouraging the Bhutanese new comers to integrate into the mainstream Australian society while maintaining the Bhutanese origin, identity and promoting unity. This is the first ever multicultural event BOA is taking initiative to organize.


  1. Congratulation for the Bhutanese organization in Australia for this initiative and it is a great way to build cross-cultural understanding among people. It is not only important for the newcomer community to know each other and exchange cultural varieties but equally important to educate the mainstream population on the importance of multicultural mosaic in a growing nation like Australia. I would like to wish the organizers and communities all the best in their effort and good luck.

  2. Bhutanese organisation in Australia???? No way… Generalisation is against the present time. For u r kind info there are many organisations in australia and this news seems ridiculous… Sorry for fake news…

  3. what do u mean mr. mean chirang? What is ur problem to accept this news? This type of organisation you will find everywere? and it’s true.never mind iam also from salami , can u say that it is fake and ridiculous.for your kind information there are atleast 5000 Bhutanese in australia, more than 60000 are in USA.
    Ask the government of canada, UK netherland, norway, Denmark wheather there are bhutanese available in their country or not .these people are gaining strength that they need to face with people like u and cunning, ruthless, trynanny dictator
    Mr. chirang your above few words seems like u already pee your pants.
    Southern Bhutanese are not against people of any region, they are againgst system of Bhutanese government.Again no need to pu and pee ur pants while reading Bhutanese Organisation in either in Australia , America canada or elsewere. Good Luck.

  4. Dear Tulsi,
    I know better than u r hearts. Seems u have already gone mad being so taily with nepotism and favourotism. How many times did u knock the innocent doors in the name of u r organisation?? I remrmber the old but gold proverbs ” accident occurs in the best regulated families”, exactly synonyms to ur place and people….. Sorry for being so fragmented. If u have gut, could u plz mention y r u so fregmented each other??? Hope to get u r written response…
    And for fake chirang: enjoy the program but let this program emerges u all in one boat….

  5. mr tulsi, don’t think we are Bhutanese ok, Those who are in different country like canada, UK netherland, norway, Denmark etc, those who are get passport from this 8 country they are love this above country. Bhutan is the state of India, don’t think country and also bhutan nothing to do for our future also.

  6. Who u are ? Iam Bhutanese by birth.Even my grandparents were born in Bhutan.And that southern part of Bhutan belongs to us sorry for that but it is truth.Maybe it has nothing to do with my future but that is my identity.I shall try to keep my Bhutanese Identity till i breath the last braeth.