Aussie Bhutanese prepare for first Christmas


Dec 21: The exiled Bhutanese family who are resettled in Australia are preparing for their first Christmas celebration in their new homeland.

gautam familyThe family of Dhanapati Gautam, who were resettled to Darwin 10 months ago prepare for the final touch to celebrate their first Christmas in this continent-country. Five months ago, the family shifted to Cairns.

Though the family follows Hinduism, they have become habituated to Christian culture and social norms.

The 17 years in tough conditions at a refugee camp had given them little chance to celebrate their festival and resettlement in Australia has made the family all smile as they chatted about their new life in Australia and the excitement of experiencing their first Western-style Christmas.

Tulsa, 16, and her sister, Kabita, 14, were born in Nepal. Parents Dhanapati, 45, and mum Sumitra, 36, were forced to flee Bhutan because of persecution by the government.

Tulsa, who has been enrolled in Trinity Bay State High School, explains, “Camp life was very hard. It was terrible.”