AusAID offers 10 quotas for post graduation


At the time when refugees from Bhutan are being resettled in its soil, Australia has announced leadership award for 10 Bhutanese students to pursue postgraduate studies at different Australian universities in 2011.

The award came as a part of Australia’s commitment to help Bhutan develop its future leaders to make social and economic policies for the country. In 2010, 7 Bhutanese students had received this award.

“These are individuals with the capability to shape future social and economic policy and development outcome in Bhutan”, Kuensel quoted Peter Varghese, Australian Ambassador to Bhutan as saying.

According to AusAID website, 24 Bhutanese students will receive Australian scholarship award for 2011 to pursue postgraduate studies in areas of business, science, natural resource management and communication.

While in Australia, these students will involve in various skill development training and build network with future leaders of other countries.


  1. Australia has regarded all the resettled Bhutanese in Australia as ‘Bhutanese’. Therefore, the resettled Bhutanese there should request the Australian government that the quota announced for Bhutan come to them.

    Secondly, the leadership training for anyone coming from inside Bhutan should include living, helping and serving the resettled Bhutanese refugees in Australia.

    Why not our Bhutanese organizations in Australia let this idea flow to the concerned universities or the Australian government?

  2. I wonder if any canditate selected is a S. bhutanese. so, if the Australian Govt is fair enough again, the quota should be offered to the Bhutanese refugees fromm all over the world too.Our friends in australia may like to see the possibilities!

  3. Dear Ememy and teeto peero mithoo.
    You all should note that Australia and its govt has unbaised attitude and principle of humanity unlike you and me. They respect every humanbeing, every country and for a simple reason get in your head the AusAid is Australian internatuional committment.

    All the refugees who are resettled in Australia gets the benefit of Australian citizen. Anyone who would like to study in Australia gets free admission like any other Australians and the cost is paid bit by bit when one gets a job. This is called HECS in Australia.

    If people like your mentality are allowed to govern, the world will be a racial hub.
    What ever the Australian govt does is for humanbeing and dire need on humanity not for race, religion, caste and creed like you would prefer. I beg you to stop the negativety and start the path of practical approach.

    There are many southern Bhutanese in Australia studying though after my stay back in Australia, the RCSC has verbally harrassed the some southerners in RCSC for study and some students has to change their admission from Melbourne to Sydney but have not dared to alter out the policy. That is the past and we all learn from mistakes including RCSC.

    I support the students from Bhutan coming to study in Australia because there is no difference between their parents and my relatives who are in Bhutan. Anybody who comes to study from Bhutan too deserve the right since they were all kids of farmers like your and mine parents 20 years ago.

    For your information, the Australian Govt representative sits or examines the selection process in Thimphu fro Aust Aid. Some times you have learn the fact before you trigger your bullet, though there are elements in RSCS who do undermine and discourage the ssoutherners application.

    Please stop the negativity from one side.I am of the opinion certian things and projects do not match up with politics, let the system work in itself. If your thing has the way, you may want to stop the UNDP office in Thimpu. My friend grow up, we have to learn to see Bhutan from many angles since there are poor, rich, needy, innnocent, dictators, corrupted and more. More are in need like you and me, and we need to support them.

    Now when you come enemy and teeto piro meetho, dare to come with your address and name, it is easy to yap with hidden identity but not so with open identity. i do this coz i have noting to hide and gain for anyone mate!

  4. Parsu ji,
    Before you appallingly swagger too much and blow shroud of your fumes for no reason, I think the points of Enemy and TPM have some valid substance and have to be considered. We all know Australia have been enormously kind to Bhutanese but we should also realize that there is a difference between hosting the refugees with benefits and awarding a high-level leader-scholarship. You know very well that we have insulated our cause so badly so long because we have a dearth of good leaders. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in finding out a possibility if there is one in store. I am sure Australian Government will be rather happy to help us out. As you think, we are not being here disgruntled because there is a big demarcation in the scholarship- award and the refugee benefits either fund wise or other wise.
    Second, some of us like me have already started to hope that we have a leadership potential in you and could perhaps make a difference in our issue. Many of us are ready to support you and in fact have even applauded heartily for the works you are doing. But if this is how you react or behave on simple opinions of others there is no difference between you and the Government of Bhutan least in manners. Besides, Rest of what you wrote above is incongruent to the topic.

  5. iH Nilik Jee
    The point here is about AustAid. AusAid scholarship has nothing to do with leadership, the name of the scholarship has been changed by Australia for all countries who get AusAid and not only for Bhutan. People who study under this program are anyone one in any profession, there is no leadership training to make political leaaders. You may well know students who come from Bhutan sign tough declaration that no politics will be involve in their study.

    If I can be seen as the RGOB loyalist for simply defending the policies of Australia, I have no words to say anything. We have to know which battle to fight. The comment above by others also look like we want everything, ‘mai maitai khau mai maitai lau’ and do not think about others.

    There is no point wasting energy and resources and emotions for the subject out context.

    One thing the Bhutanese movement and all the leaders have failed and will fail for many years to engage with Bhutan is because the attitude to genuinenly engage has never been taken into consideration. We have either tried to hit through reports under UN banner or through other means, groups and HR reports. This seems to be the trend for another decade which means we will never enage with RGOB.

    One thing I have to make clear is my interest will always be balancing RGOB and our Movement 50-50. For this if I am seen as anything, I am happy to be blamed. Living in Australia, I would focus more to be a leader of my local community if it prevails, not for something not in the reach, given the way our folks are moving now-that can be seen from the google discussion. We have the strong point to defend saying that our people have lived in negativetly for two decades and will do so. To change this attitude of negativity, we need to break the iron bar for which I will be critised whcih I am happy to bear. When it comes to putting rights points, I have very openely discussed what RGOB has to do in Geneva and what international community has to follow with them.

    Living is learning, I have learned with experience that the one way channel of attack will never succeed in our case. The more we learn to be open , the more confidence of the RGOB will tilt towards exile Bhutanese. Unless we engage the people of Bhutan from inside without provocation but with love, then only there will be the ray of hope.

    At the end I say, if we really love our country, then, the students studying from Bhutan are adding resource and asset to our country, I would prefer that and I would argue with Australian Govt to increase the slots for more Bhutanese instead of the slots going to other countries. If Bhutan dos not get more seats, some other countries will take and this budget is never ever going to come to refugees.
    There are hundreds of new scholarships for refugees in Australia if they prefer to explore.
    Sorry, this is the reality
    Thank you