Attack on refugees continues, three in police net


Sept 12: Armed Police Force (APF) arrested three accused youths from Bedangi-I camp in Jhapa in connection to physical attacks on a youth in Bedangi-II camp during the night time.

According to the APF source, the arrestees include Khadga Subba of Beldangi-II extension, Sector E/2-29, Aita Raj Rai of Beldangi-I, Sector B/1-12 and Kiran Rai of Sanischare camp, Sector B/1-32.

APF said that these youths have attacked Dirgha Monger of Beldangi-II, Sector B/4-31 at around 9 pm during the night. The attack has left at least nine refugees injured while two are in critical condition. However, the condition of Monger is not yet known.

The reason behind the attack is not yet known until the filing of this report.

Meanwhile, a local vernacular daily in Jhapa has reported that the camp secretary of Beldangi-II extension Ganapati Adhikari has received continual threats from unknown people following the death of KB Khadka.

Adhikari has strongly demanded for his security at the district administration in Jhapa.


  1. Hi,
    I am worried about this sorts of violence inside the refugee camps. The security is still becoming a problem for refugees inside the camps.In particular, the inocent refugees residing in the huts are facing difficulty to cope up with the vulnerable life in the refugee slum. Everybody including the supporting agencies, camp committees and social organizations should gear up the process for maintaining secure life in the refugee camp. Let there be peace in the camp.