Assessment of quake damage still unconfirmed


Oct 06: Almost more than two weeks have passed since September 21 earthquake but the damage assessment report is still inconclusive.  

“The numbers are going to change,” said the home minister, Minjur Dorji. He also said that the windstorm and the aftershocks have triggered more damages. 

The latest updated report released yesterday says that 4,595 houses, 184 government buildings and institutions, 748 cultural properties were damaged and 47 people injured.

Of these, 1446 houses, 17 government buildings, 187 cultural properties were non repairable, according to the report compiled by the department of disaster management. 

Mongar dzongkhag, where 1602 houses were reported damaged last week, had 1991 houses damaged as of yesterday. “The frequent aftershocks trigger more damages,” said Mongar dzongda Sherub Tenzin.

The Trashigang dzongda, Lungten Dorji, said that the severity of the damage caused by the quake was getting worse with the continuous aftershocks, the windstorm and heavy rains. 

Dorji also said that the psychological trauma the people were going through has subsided because the relief efforts have reached them. 

Thousands of the people in the eastern districts are still living outside their homes.

Meanwhile, His Holiness the Je Khenpo and about 100 monks are conducting a three-day Dechog Zhiwai Jinseg Gyep for the well being of the people and the country at the Tendril Thang in Tashichhodzong.