Arun’s spinal surgery successful


Long-awaited spinal surgery of social activist, Arun Rai, was successfully achieved in Kathmandu-based Vayodhya Hospital, Wednesday.

Wife Neera feeds Arun Rai in the general ward of Kathmandu-based Vayodhya Hospital/BNS

A medical team led by Dr Prakash Bista undertook the surgery that lasted for around four hours, informed his wife Neera, who has been escorting Rai since a month.

“Hopefully, I have gained my new life after the surgery,” Rai told Bhutan News Service.

“My colleagues have contributed for my treatment, for which I am highly grateful.”

Resettled Bhutanese from various countries financially supported Rai, who was suffering from acute breathing difficulty.

Rai was brought to Kathmandu from Mitra Nursing Home, Siliguri (India) when his family was unable to afford the proposed treatments in either Calcutta or New Delhi.


  1. we thank god for the sucessful surgery of bhai Arun . he got the new life. i personnaly could not do anything from siliguri even then i was more concern about his health. thanks to our bhutanese friends in abroad for the need base support for his treatment.
    Hari poudyal.

  2. Good to learn arun dai’s surgery was successful with the help of resettle Bhutanese.i pray for his early recovery and back to community work. I am quite confused because Dr.bhumpa was begging help from resettle Bhutanese for the treatment of arun dai,I’m positive arun dai deserve help but Dr.Bhumpa who was to denie treating Bhutanese opting third country resettlement shame on you mr.bhumpa.

  3. Congratulation Arun bhai for your successful recovery. We wish you best of health and hope you will gather enough courage to fight the difficult time that you are going through. We will continue to pray to Almighty to give you courage, support and blessing to get better soon and join the community service. All the best!

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