Artists portray to depict 20 years in camps


Damak, June 20: The resettled Bhutanese abroad have missed their life they had spent in the UN-monitored camps in Nepal. If you are serious on this matter – this event must trim down your such feelings.

Chief guest Pawan Rajbanshi paints a canvas to inagurate the event/Prakash Angdambe
Chief guest Pawan Rajbanshi paints a canvas to inagurate the event/Prakash Angdambe

Thanks to the sponsors and local organizers who supported Bhutan Media Society (BMS) for portraying life in camps through an open art competition held today on the eve of mark World Refugee Day 2010.

Two dozens of artists – both from camps and local community demonstrated their skills on the event managed by International Creators’ Forum (ICF), Damak.

Taken as one of the rare events in Nepal, six hours long painting became one of the most significant events today in camp vicinity. “Not only the participants, even our judges spent several hours in painting a canvas to reflect life in camps,” said Prakash Angdambe, the local organizer from ICF.

The winners display their canvases
The winners display their canvases

The Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN), Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD), Youth Organization of Bhutan (YOB) and BMS jointly sponsored the event.

Bhakta Bahadur of Beldangi-I painting his canvas/Prakash
Bhakta Bahadur of Beldangi-I painting his canvas/Prakash

According to the event manager Jeetan Subba, 15 artists from seven camps and six from the host communities participated in canvas drawing today. “We are extremely thankful for BCN, GHRD and YOB for supporting our event,” said Subba.

The major contribution for the event was from journalists associated with BMS, said Subba, “GHRD contributed 150 Euros through BCN, while YOB supported us with US $100.” An ICF source said around US $1000 was used to manage the whole event including canvas, brush and colour, besides covering travel and lunch for the participants.

An artist paints a hut in camp
An artist paints a hut in camp/Prakash

Among the artists, Guna Sunuwar of Pathri camp seized the first prize in the event. Similarly, Rajen Gurung of Beldangi-I and Deo kumar Rai of Pathri became second and third respectively. The winners were awarded with cash prizes – rupees 2011 for the first, rupees 1511 for the second and rupees 1011 for the third and certificates.

The well known artist of the region, Pawan Rajbanshi, inaugurated the event by painting a canvas. While, artists from Refugees’ Eye performed a drama – thrown book – in the Gantabya Theater Hall, where the competition was held.

BMS is planning to go for fundraising through online bidding of those canvases.


  1. Good to hear that some sections of the community are supporting this sort of event within the available constraints. And promotion of such events connects us; share our common values and sense of belongingness within our shrewd world. Arts through painting are narration of pleasure or pain in human soul. And the theme or ideas of the produced creation are noteworthy even though the workmanship may not be too evolved. They are simple, humble and straightforward.
    Let’s make a habit of appreciating such contributions and if possible join our hands. Just contributing $1 for such events will make a great difference or just commenting positively serves many purposes. Here I mean to say that encouragement makes the difference.
    Most of the news covered are on political issues, crimes and other the evils of human kinds. Arts and other artifacts meter the stage of social development and when such things flourish well we call as golden era.