Armed group refutes abduction

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At the time when Bhutanese authority has suspected the abduction of a taxi driver from Gelephu by an exiled armed group, the Bhutan United Socialist Democratic Party (BUSDP) refuted the allegations in a press release, Sunday.

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In counter to a news story carried by the Bhutan News Service, BUSDP said the allegation clamped was totally baseless.

The press statement issued by the name alias Puskar said, “As far as possible it is not our intention to cause harm to individuals that also like taxi driver who hardly manage their end meals. Therefore, we condemn such activities’’.

The press release further clarified, “BUSDP is also trying to find out on its part as who is behind the irresponsible incidence. Also we humbly request through this press release the group responsible for kidnapping and causing pain and agony to the families to release him without any harm and financial burden immediately.”

BUSDP has earlier claimed the explosion in Nichula and Gelephu as a part of their ongoing armed revolution in Bhutan.


  1. what a a shame game, the very people who are claiming to be freedom fighter for democracy and human rights for the peaceful and better Bhutan are again started criminal activities like killing,kidnapping,destroying public services

  2. It is no other than a conspiracy of Bhutanese government to discourage and disturb people’s movement for freedom and Rights. It is an another allegation with tons of other.

    Remember, the Regime put allegation and consider terrorist to those freedom fighter from South and East. I remember, many of those Southerners and Sharshopas were evicted out of our country were freedom fighter who were in the movement to bring people in power not the king. But those people were considered- terrorist and were kicked out of our country. Dirty mind of Wangchucks and their bureaucrats will not let the young leaf of democracy survive in our nation.

    Hope one day our people would be able to demolish the monopoly of Wangchuck and would be able to establish a pure democracy here in Bhutan.

    Long live people movement, long live people’s Bhutan.

  3. That’s true Tshering,it is the work of people like Dardul Dorji Dorlo Khrolo.Wangchuck and some of the naglongs are the actual terrorist of Bhutan.
    But one day this dynasty will come to an end.Everything has “The End”

  4. It is understood from the news articles that, the kidnappers are coming from across the border (Assam-India) and poor driver who has come back from the hands of kidnappers said to friends and relatives that, kidnappers were group of Nepali and Bodo tribes. This is also confirmed by his relative who went down to Assam village with cash in hand to rescue the taxi driver.It is also learnt that, this kidnapper group is led by people from Japa Nepal refugee camp supported by few local Nepali and Bodo guys from near by Assam village.
    Therefore,allegation on King and Bhutan Govt. is found totally baseless and fabricated.
    Lets have fair and transparent comments in the interest of welfare and safety of innocent fellow citizens.In this case..I support Dorji Dardul’s above cited comment.
    Oh…I am sure that people like Nakali tshering and tulsi will call me Wangchuk’s/Bhutan agents. I do not mind.. if it is against bringing the facts to the people.

  5. Ram Bahadur Lamchanay Gurung! You are in-fact another paid, Nepalese-ethic, agents of Wangchucks here at Thimphu.

    You stupids can do any shameful acts for money! This is a reality of my Happiest Country.

    As some one said- “There’s a few conspiracy theories that I believe in, but not too many.” The one believe are people like you and your boss- Wangchucks here at Thimphu!

  6. I don’t want to say u anything but that dynasty is a terrorist dynasty and this is not the allegation and fabricated story.It is the better truth.Poor and helpless Bhutanese refugee has no ability lead nepali origin Assamese and Bodo.Bhutan has border with Assam so Terrorist dynasty might have hired those people to kidnapped that driver.

  7. The fact will come out very soon, who is/are committing such heinous crime.This is not a isolated case.The innocent are being kidnap/killing by anti national elements to create fear to support their activities.
    You should feel shame to use word like Democracy and human rights, if you do not have ability to read the facts and appreciate the freedom of expression.20 years is enough…the world community knew facts about the Bhutan , so trying to bully the world community in order to gather supports and sympathy is waste of time.

  8. Ram Bahadur, don’t use my last name please! Every single Gurung here in Bhutan, and around the globe knows the conspiracy of our Wangchucks and the act of ethnic cleansing they did in South. So, please do not pretend to be Gurung, while you are supporting your Uncle here at Thimphu.

    I feel really shamed and awkward to see people still believing on absolute government(Wangchucks), and still playing with the sentiments fellow powerless Bhutanese Refugee.

    Hope one day, people will get justice and positive treatment.

  9. here seems all hopeless people talking craps on s subjects which they cant guys are just struggling for your survival n talking about others survival to make difficult.
    Getlost n earn your own living.