Another youth goes missing in NY


The latest report from New York confirms that one Thal khanal, 20, has gone missing from the Fargo Avenue in Buffalo, NY since 4 pm Friday, June 24. It is reported that the missing individual is mentally challenged.

Missing Khanal. Photo Courtesy/family.

According to the family source, the missing case has been reported to the police administration in the area and that the search process is underway.

The family source further informed BNS that the youth had been admitted to a Professional Job Course Studying Center in Buffalo city. The staffs from the Center had reached the youth’s house reciting his mental illness recently. However, the victim’s family mentioned that Thal was well prior admitting in the Center.

Khanal had moved to Buffalo, NY through third country resettlement program few months back.

Meanwhile, authorities haven’t yet tracked the whereabouts of the three Bhutanese youths who had gone missing from Spokane, Washington since June 11.

Reported by Bhakta Ghimire from Buffalo for BNS.


  1. This was a shocking news to everyone. This creates a tremendous problem and great loss of our fellowship brotherwood who are in search of building new life.To minimise this mushrooming series of bad events ,our particular Socio-based Bhutanese Organisation should upbring the awareness -related programme which foster the strong message to individual parents and their children. It is also a best idea to strengthen our huge unity and we are alert very much in every new environment.Thus,I reckon this is a solution too.

    Cheers !!

  2. this is kind of frustrating news to all bhutanese resettled in this country we need to come in effect envoicing with the thorr..through community based organization.we also need to creat big awareness programs among the communities.hoping to listern good soon.

  3. This is the challenging situation of all Bhutanese people so far basically for the Bhutanese leaders of the different Organizations.I think this is the right time to prove the real leaders of our communities Organization getting back the missing youths of Bhutanese society very soon.

  4. sorry guys.. this is his friend frm same place.. it is so bad to hear the sad news now.. buffalo is under tears now.. he found to be dead yesterday june 29th on niagara river as per the police report… sorry .. pray that his soul will reach in peace in heaven and sympathy to the family and friends in buffalo new yrk…