Another resettled Bhutanese hit by a car

Tikaram Koirala in ICU of a hospital
Tikaram Koirala in ICU of a hospital

Nov 27: Tikaram Koirala met an accident on the night of December 27 while he was returning from his work.

According to an eyewitness, a speedy car hit him from the back.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital. According to medical report, his backbone is damaged besides getting a leg and a hand fractured.

Koirala, a refugee from Beldangi-II Extension camp, Sector A-3, is undergoing treatment at Intensive Care Unit.

He was evicted  from Lalai Block under Serbhang District in Bhutan.

News and photo have been submitted by Arun Dhungel from the USA


  1. The extent to which Mr. Koirala suffers from the very unexpected car accident, we are deeply troubled and shocked. Therefore, we pray to God for his quick recovery and urge all the resettled Bhutanese in America to extend possible support to him and his family. The photo shows that he is almost in his last breathe. His fractured leg andhand and damaged backbone may hamper in all the future endeavours he undertakes. So, serious attention must be given when there is enough time.

  2. The news doesn’t provide the clear information regarding the patient state and place where he is living.
    It is a shocking news to all the Bhutanese resettled in US. We pray to God for his quick recovery. It is the concern of Bhutanese, why only accident in US and not in other countries of resettlement.

  3. Does anyone know in which states of US he has been resettled. He was my neighbour back in Bhutan as well as my sub-sector head in Beldangi 2 extension. I wish I could be around at this difficult time. I pray for his fastest recovery.