Another exiled Bhutanese commits suicide


One exiled Bhutanese from Beldangi-II Ext has committed suicide Thursday morning.

According to eyewitness, Garja Man Rai of Sector C-4, Hut no 56, was found hanging on the branch of tree inside the camp, very close to his hut, with the help of a plastic rope.

The Armed Police Force deployed in the camp untied the body earlier before it was sent for postmortem .

Rai, who is survived by five children and two wives, was facing camp mediation for his polygamy case and was out of the family’s contact since last Tuesday.

According to his neighbours, the conflict in Rai’s family started to mount from the time he brought his second wife three weeks ago.

Reported by Hari Kumar Dahal from Beldangi-II for BNS