Another Bhutanese death in US


In less than a month, yet another Bhutanese resettled in United States of America has been reported dead.

Nandu Kharel, 27 expired Thursday morning in Boston, Massachusettes. The incident took place at 4.30 am. He had come home after his night shift works in a local Airport at 3 am.

He was found unconscious on the bed at 4 am and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away on the way to hospital.

He is survived by his parents, newly married wife and his elder brother. His youngest brother is still in Sanischare camp waiting for resettlement.

There are only two Bhutanese families in the city. The nearest Bhutanese family llive at a distance of one and half hours drive in New Hampshire.

Kharel’s dead body is expected to reach home Friday afternoon from police department.


  1. This is very bad news for all of us. This month for the Bhutanese refugees in America is not good. We always had to hear the news of death, murder, attack and robbery. I express my heartfelt condolence to kharel family including the new bride and pray to god to grant strength to overcome this irreparable loss.
    Let us not have to hear any such incidents happening again.

  2. I m really sad to hear this news and indeed it is more than shocking.Who is behind the Bhutanese, hunting for us,hunting and killing us. Is this a gruesome murder or the natural death.

    I like to extend my heart felt condolence to the bereaved family particularly to his newly bride.