Ambassadors visit camps, registration to resume


Khudunabari, June 2: Ambassadors of core-group countries resettling the exiled Bhutanese visited Khudunabari and Sanischare camp yesterday.

According to Khudunabari camp secretary Bhanu Dhungana, led by Norwegian Ambassador to Nepal, Thor Gislesen, who is the head of the core-group, the seven-member team included Ambassadors to Nepal from Denmark, the United States of America, Australia, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and a Canadian representative.

They have expressed concerns that no repatriation initiatives are underway from our level, Dhungana told Bhutan News Service.

People in Khudunabari submitted a petition asking the core-group countries to pressurize Bhutan for taking the citizens back home.

“Until refugees dwell in camps, our supports for their livelihood and other needs will continue,” Dhungaga quoted the U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, Scott H DeLisi, as saying.

Meanwhile, the Chief of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Nepal said the long-stranded process of verification for official registration of those Bhutanese who missed their chance earlier would begin very soon. “We are giving the last chance, and hope to resume the process at the earliest,” he said.


  1. Good news,
    The statement issued by UNHCR official is welcoming.Many of our fellow countrymen who were deprived of the Refugee Status in Nepal,can now sigh a relief.Their uncertainity for almost two decade and the perseverance they endured would certainly pay them now.
    Be prepared for the date so that no one misses out.Becareful with antisocial elements playing foul game in registering non Bhutanese as refugees.
    At this crucial point Camp management commitee have to pl;ay a crucial role.As peoples representatives CMC and Camp secretary need to mediate effectively with the people and UN agencies for registerations of non registered BHUTANESE>