All party meeting gives clean chit to CMC

Representatives of various agencies in the discussion session (Picture : Durga Pokhrel/BNS)

An all party discussion held last week in Beldangi-II decided that there was no any involvement of the Camp Management Committee (CMC) and the Camp Secretary in misusing construction materials supplied by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal.

Representatives of various agencies in the discussion session (Picture : Durga Pokhrel/BNS)

Various stakeholders including representatives from the UNHCR, LWF Nepal, Refugee Coordination Unit, CMC and general public decided to refute a   local media report which claimed coordination of CMC with suppliers of construction materials in exchanging 32 bamboos and Rs 1,000 with a roof pane while renovating some 450 huts in Beldangi-II and Extension.

“The newspaper has tarnished my long involvement in the community service,” Camp Secretary DB Subba said. “The allegation on CMC should be thoroughly investigated. We also want proper explanations regarding the wrong reporting in the newspaper.”

The LWF Camp Management Officer (CMO), Damber Khawas, clarified that CMC had been planning a crucial role in material distribution, but was unaware of the alleged involvement in misusing the donated materials.

“Our records have shown that all 450 huts received 32 bamboos and Rs 10,000 for renovation of their vulnerable huts,” he said adding,”However, we came to notice that some of them exchanged the stuffs with raw materials for roof panel from suppliers of their own.”

Participants during the gathering

However, some of the recipients of construction materials who the Bhutan News Service talked to mentioned that the distribution staff simply issued a chit of paper mentioning 32 bamboos and Rs 1,000 cash. They took that chit to the supplier and received raw materials for roof panel in return.

“No member from CMC suggested me to exchange the stuffs I received. I chose to accept raw materials for panel instead of 32 bamboos and Rs 1,000 since the panel lasts longer,” one of the recipients, Mukti Wagle, told.

Meanwhile, one of the UNHCR’s Field Associates Nirmal Bastola reminded LWF CMO to ensure the same materials as prescribed in the list by the donor agency.