Agencies to renew ID cards from Sep 17

Samples of Bhutanese refugee identity cards

The District Administration Office of Jhapa and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have announced that they would start renewing existing refugee identity cards from September 17.

Samples of Bhutanese refugee identity cards

Chief District Officer of Jhapa Narendra Raj Sharma and UNHCR Damak Chief Sajal Gupta jointly made such an announcement to camp management committee of Beldangi camp, Monday.

“Considering expiry date of refugee identity cards, we have planned to issue new cards from September 17,” Gupta said.

Validity of most of the existing cards will be over by this October, while others would last up to February next year.

According to Gupta, the distribution of new cards would commence from Sanischare camp, as his office plans to issue around 500 identity cards each day.

The officials also informed the camp management committee that new cards will be more secure based on a digital technology.

“We’ll distribute the identity cards at Damak, and every individual has to travel in person for the biometrics required,” said CDO Sharma, who heads the Refugee Coordination Unit.

According to Sharma, some 27,000 individuals would be benefited from this package.

“This figure excludes asylum-seekers whose registration process has recently completed,” CDO Sharma further said adding, “We have submitted details of all pending cases to the Ministry of Home Affairs. We need to wait for the Ministry’s response.”

Chief District Officer of Jhapa (middle) speaks to camp management committee of Beldangi in presence of representatives from the UNHCR and other agencies (Picture : Tilak Niraula/BNS)

Meanwhile, the UNHCR also announced that the agency would bear travel costs during the distribution for all individual refugees.

The agencies have also planned various consultation programs to inform exiled citizens regarding the renewal of their identity cards.

Expressing his views during the information-sharing program, Beldangi Camp Secretary Dhan Bir Subba requested both the parties to expedite distribution of identity cards for all verified asylum seekers.

Secretary Subba also appealed the UNHCR Damak Chief Gupta to continue assistance to refugees till camps exist.


  1. It is mandatory to renew the ID CARDS.This time UNHCR seems have discarded the problems that comes with the refugee while going to Damak for the purpose. As mentioned the UNHCR will bear the travel cost but the mention is different as issued in the pump let. They gonna pay the cost latter. Even if we wish to visit DAMAK in other days we don’t get chance to be inside the bus rather we have to take seat at the roof of bus. How is it possible for those 500 refugees to reach damak in a day at a time by public vehicles????? Further it is vivid that maximum people left over are disable physically , mentally or by age.So the problem would have been solved if they give vehicles instead of travel cost.

  2. Why do you make a fuss, since UNHCR pays for your transportation you can jointly reserve a bus to Damak. I guess, they do travel to Damak, when they have to attend a session on resettlement. For severely disabled people , they have promised to send a special team that renews their ID card at home.

  3. If they do at damak they can safely issue the cards to non Bhutanese too…that’s the plan friends!..otherwise why not at each camp..
    After all it’s a big deal with huge amount to this CDO… Mala mal CDO jee..t

  4. Its good that UNHCR n Nepali Govt are doing something for bhutanese refugees…. renewal process is goin on, not to worry abt it, cost of transportation to n fro Damak is being compensated… happy happy, guys there is atleast someone taking care of you!!! imagine the fate of 14 millon refugees around the world left unconcerned….