Adhikari after intricate surgery starts new life


Oct 31: After herculean six hours surgery, Hari Adhikari, General Secretary of Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP), who is now in California in USA under resettlement program, has finally started to improve his deteriorated health status.

‘Had it not been such prompt attention and specialized service, I wouldn’t have been the same man. Indeed, this is why I decided to be here for my better health,’ said Adhikari. 
According to Adhikari, he had heart ailment for more than three years. He frequently visited Siliguri, Sikkim and Delhi in India.

‘I approached United Nation High Commissioner’s office in Kathmandu for my treatment, but the policy did not cover my kind of illness,’ added Adhikari.

Adhikari in hospital before being discharged. Photo/family source
Adhikari in hospital before being discharged. Photo/family source

Adhikari further informed BNS that Abhram Abhram, the then UNHCR Country Representative in Nepal, had once recommended him with a request letter to Dr Bhagwan Koirala at Sahid Ganga Lal Heart Research Center in the capital city of Nepal for his better treatment.

“I was diagnosed blockade in my two arteries through angiogram. I was recommended for a surgery but having left everything back home in Bhutan; my means to meet the financial costs was a mere dream. That is one of the reasons that prompted me to opt for resettlement too,” said Adhikari, who is now taking rest at his own apartment.
Adhikari, who arrived in USA on July 27 in San Diego, California, was hospitalized on October 22 at Grossmont hospital, San Diego. A team of specialists led by Dr Howden, Dr Robert Young and Dr Kadk successfully unblocked his three arteries in the operation that ran for hours.

‘I am really thankful to these doctors and the government of United States for such timely care. I am fine and put up for follow up for three months,’ said Adhikari.
Adhikari, former National Assembly (NA) member of Bhutan is the founding member of BNDP who joined the movement for democratic change in 1990.

Adhikari is a senior political leader who played major role in the movement launched by Bhutanese Coalition for Democratic Movement (BCDM) in 1997 and subsequent movements under United Front for Democracy (UFD).

Meanwhile, Mohan Tamang, president of Democratic Youth of Bhutan, who has been assisting Adhikari to ensure goodwill support to him from within the community and well-wishers, expressed his happiness over successful surgery. 

Talking to BNS over telephone, Tamang also said that the offer of resettlement, has finally given new life to a political leader whose contribution for the Bhutanese movement was unavoidable in the upcoming days.       

By TP Mishra/New York


  1. Let the world understand that Mr.Adhikari is treated under the humanterian ground of the laws of united states of america.It dosent mean that bhutannewsservice has to help them or neither they can???its America???APFA,BNS.KANTIPUR,NEPAL,ARE like nothing on America!!!!!! Bhutanese are no more refugees!!!! Pleese donot coment them like that.
    I would hoestly tell that i dint think that they any more BNS OR APFA OR RADIOONLILE Because the BHUTANESE ARE SMART IN AMERICAS?????Please dont take Touble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone is smRT IS SMART USING COMPUTER.

  2. Good to hear about Adhikari’s recovery. Thank God but it is no good to say he is a great leader. In fact politically he is a failure like his party which has to record achieved nothing. His party is just a tool to project people like him as leaders but on the ground they are very ineffective and incompetent to do any thing inside Bhutan. Twenty long years and they failed to do anything but act as paper tigers and claim as leaders. They chose for resettlement.Big shame for a political party. Ask Hari if BNDP constitution includes resettlement as party objective and what’s the use writing a constitution if you can not fulfill its objectives. Its better if Hari is treated as a common Bhutanese refugee but not as their leader because politically he does not qualify as a leader.

  3. Definitely, Mr. Adhikari is a prominent figure in the Bhutanese Community, a witness of Bhutan both before and after the Pro-democracy movement of 1990s. He is a history, no one can deny this fact.
    I wish for his speedy recovery.

    DJ Khaling

  4. Biwas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are so many Bhutanese who love and respect BNS work….if you dont like BNS and APFA why you login and posted a comment?May be you think you are smart being in America…..please try be smart with knowledge of helping helpless
    and remembering the past nostalgic memories.i dont have job….i dont have dollars to pay rent….i am going to street soon….no food stamps,who wll write my agony and reality?…Do you think my life as a smart being in America?Give me answer….mr.biswas ji??????????????????

  5. We wish Hariji very successful receovery and may all the odds go forever from him and the new beginning be a successful one. I am one of the fan of reading his article in kantipur news. many of his article has jerked RGOB and there may have been some indirect policy shift.

    Lets not mix the political part to the sufferings and sickness.
    Let the media be fare to all like Hari Jee who have gone similar experience in third countries and Nepal.

    I am questioning myself whether the young media like this has been trying to cover the same situation

    Tara Gautam from Australia was air lifted to Sydney for emergency operation. Dr said that 50% he would paralyse. He fully recovered, got new life.

    Son of one of the Kafley Jee in Sydney was said he has a very narrow chance to get operated in his heart, his operation was successful.

    Bhanu Adhikari Jee has severe diabetic ailment in Adelaide, he medication has improved..

    Indra Rizal in Cairns in Australia has a succesful operation of his eyes… god willing, he may further improve… these are all miracles..

    The lists goes on and on… I wish all these are also covered by the media and however poor their background or however small these people were, their story may be equally read by all..

    Let us hope to be fair and everyone has the voice in the new world and fair go
    Thank you all
    Parsu Melbourne

  6. Dear Dj I am fully agreed what you said here. Mr. Adhikari is not a good leader, but he never claims himself as a good leader as other friends says. He knew that there are several failures in his party during 18 years. But he has the history of Bhutan better than any leader so far. He is one of the men we should always respect him for the shake of debate.

    I wish him for his swift recovery.


  7. For a second, lets look at Hari Adhikari as a human being not as a leader or a failed leader as some would like to call him.Lets keep our political views aside as it is a question of life and death.

    To be honest it is easier said than done to unite Bhutanese refugees under one leadership and under uniform agenda. There was a time every tom, dick and harry were opening a political party,human rights organisation, youth groups, women’s groups.

  8. Congratulations for your success. I pray that you recover soon and get more strength to stand like a rock against Jigme’s cruel rule.

    I always respect you as our tall leader and a historical figure Hari Ji.


  9. The so called leaders were beating around the bush for last two decades.I feel
    quite ashmed when people call them leaders.We are in a big world and is pointless
    to talk about it.As a fellow Bhutanese and on humanitarian ground everyone
    should wish Adhikari’s recovery wish he and his party gets back to Bhutan.Therefore they are leaders out there but not here coz Barrack Obhama is
    already here.

  10. Let me take this time to thank the doctors involved in giving new life to Mr.Adhikari and I pray for his speedy cure and sound health. I appreciate Mr.Adhikari for his contribution through his write-ups in Nepali media exploring Bhutanese refugees’ plight and evasive ploy of Druk Govt. towards exiled denizens.I know him as a good columnist. Long live Mr.Adhikari.

    Rup N Pokharel

  11. Dear Ramesh Thapa jee, for your kind information, I’m neither the member of BNDP nor of any party. You can verify my assertion by reaching out top brass and all ranks and files of political parties. Your way of interpreting a simple and straight sentence in other way round spills political conotation. I do not mean that and please do not read me and my words from that angle. I simply wanted to wish for his early recovery. However, I still say that he is a history for Bhutan. And not only he, you and we all are witness and history for Bhutan.

  12. Blaming leaders should not be the name of the game in Bhutanese refugee issues. We all are equally responsible for sucess or failure on our cause. Our leaders have done a great job including Hari Adhikariji. Without their paper work,lobby and advocacy, apeal movement, we would have been landed like Burmese Nepali in Nepal. DJ Khaling rightly said, Hari Adhikarikiji is our history or institution.

    I wish Hari Adhikariji a speedy recovery from his illness.


  13. Hari dai,
    We are extremely happy to hear about your heart surgery and the news of your health recovery.
    I know well how much you have suffered in exile because of your ill health condition. I sincerely thank god and wish you a speedy recovery.
    No less the other Bhutanese Refugees resettling countries, I sincerely thank the American Govt. and the people of America for their kind humaniterian support to the Bhutanese refugees.
    I equally appreciate BNS and Apfanews friends for working hard to let the Bhutanese all across the world know what is happaning to our fellow citizens. We would have been in darkness had this service not been in operation by our responsible young Bhutanese friends. Please keep it up with journalistic ethics and with utmost responsibility.
    Hari dai Dont mix up your health condition with politics as you are in bed ridden condition. We are fighting against the regime. Let the world say anything we have not reached the end of our struggle.
    Once again we all wish you a fast recovery.
    Durga Giri, Germany.

  14. I am proud of Doctros who saved the life of Mr. Adhikari. I am not a reliable person to opin about the political backgrounds traced by Mr. Adhikari. And I don’t wanna indulged to the areas beyound my citation.

    One thing very prominant about Mr. Adhikari is; he has contributed much in exploring the grounds of life in Bhutan, in the Refugee camps in Nepal with his capable write ups through various papers and megazines like Kantipur, Jagaran and many others. He has very sensitively brought the highlights of Refugge life with its ackgrounds. One thing that really satisfies me is his way of bringing the notions about the farce strategies of Druk regime to woodwink the international communities and overshadow the pathetic plight of refugees pitition. The works he has garnered will be carved in the history with the golden letters.

    The God has known that Mr. Adhikari is still needed for the Bhutanese fellows that is why he enabled the doctors to save his life. Thank God, the Doctors involved in Adhikari’s treatment and I pray for the speedy recovery of his health.

    Personally I am very optimistic that Mr. Adhikari will contribute more write ups about the Bhutanese lifestyles and cutures and the contemporary issues. will be proud to publish him continuing his habit of Column writing in the past.

    Last but not least, let us hope that Mr. Adhikari upon recovery will start giving the taste of revived life and renewed spirit through or any mode of publication.

    Best wishes for speedy recovery and LONG LIVE Mr. Adhikari.

  15. Let me take this time to thank the doctors involved in giving new life to Mr.Adhikari and I pray for his speedy cure and sound health. I appreciate Mr.Adhikari for his contribution through his write-ups in Nepali media exploring Bhutanese refugees’ plight and evasive ploy of Druk Govt. towards exiled denizens.I know him as a good columnist. Long live Mr.Adhikari.

    Rup N Pokharel