Adelaidean Bhutanese prepare for anniversary

Aussie Bhutanese/File Photo
Aussie Bhutanese/File Photo

With only four days to go, ex-refugees from Bhutan resettled in South Australia are preparing to observe their second anniversary on Friday, the 14th.

Although the first two Bhutanese families had landed in Adelaide on May 13, 2008, under the current resettlement programme of the Australian government, the anniversary is scheduled for the weekend to make it accessible to the guests and participants.

The anniversary will be held at DOM POLSKI Hall in Adelaide and Lieutent Governor will grace it as the chief guest. Bhutanese community have invited the representatives from scores other governmental and service providing agencies and community organizations to share with their food, stories, culture and heritage, according to the invitation posted on their website

‘’We are simply excited to mark the second anniversary where we will share our food and culture to other communities and thank the Australian government for bringing us all together to the stage we are in today’, said Sushil Niroula, the coordinator of the organizing committee.

The event is expected to further boost the bonds of Bhutanese with other communities and service providing agencies.

Ichha Poudyel