Ada Rachu rule revoked

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Royal Government of Bhutan revoked the much debated and unpopular ‘Ada rachu’ rule last night. But, the government’s official version of the decision is yet to come.

The rule, said to be made by Dzongkhag cultural officers during their sixth annual conference, was brought to the public through Home Ministry. The imposition brought last April was widely criticized in the public forums.

The government has shown good gesture of democratic government that respected the public opinion against the rule. This action of government has warned those cultural officers to think before deciding anything related to the matter of public interest and constitutional norms and values.

Photo: Sangay Khandu's  Facebook
Photo: Sangay Khandu’s Facebook

Introducing new rules so hastily to earn cheap popularity and attempt to draw royal attention by the officials in Bhutan is not new. And, so was the Ada Rachu rule.

Sangay Khandu, Member of Parliament at National Council of Bhutan, writes on his Facebook page referring Lekey Dorji’s twitter message Tengye Lyonpo as saying Government has rescinded the adda rachu order issued by the, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, (MoHCA).

The April 29, report- Only ‘Ada Rachu’ defames GNH, degrades Women– carried by BNS is proven to be of substance.