Acharya withdraws from treasurer position


Tika Acharya has withdrawn from the position of treasurer of the Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA).   

“It was agreed by the house that treasurer position offered to me by the general consensus was supposed to be effective only after having approval from the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire,” said Acharya, adding that he was socked to read a news that stated the confirmation of his nomination to the position of treasure.  

Acharya has further said that he will be able to work more effectively for OBCA as independent volunteer consultant.


  1. Tika Acharyaji you were in leaque match therefore it makes no difference even if you have given up the special post in the context of the BHUTANESE.I feel bad coz you decided to quit the post as soon as you reach NH. if you were in delimma you would rject the post.Congrats for your short tenure that you deserve.Chairmanship will be later.therefore bepatient for that post.OBCA can not function in absence of the vacant post.It is really a good game going on with no spectators.

  2. I don’t understand the feathery or shaky stand of Mr. Acharyajee. First and foremost, he shouldn’t have joined the so called organization that too in a responsible portfolio. If you support the organization and if your inner will asks to join than you shouldn’t resign without completing a day. He might have thought that he would strike a boundary given the opportunity but striking a four is rather tough due to opponent team capability and performance. It is professionalism in the field of art which demand quality and sufficient training or practice. One cannot be a leader overnight.
    Second thing is your commitment to the emerging organization. If you feel that you cannot borne the responsibility than it is baseless to advocate and establish the institutions. You had been propagating Malthus theory of economics but todays emerging challenge is food security theory of Amaryt Sen. Understand the essence and beauty of such change and evolution.
    Our second generation should be smart and capable of understanding dos and donots. Certain acquired characteristics need to be replaced with better opportunities within the reach of individuals and one shouldn’t run in others airy rumors.

  3. What will be the future of OBCA if all will withdraw their position? Here question raise how was the election? This with drawn showed that there were election like election of Partinidi in Camp just by raising hand.

  4. Mr. Puspa, thank you for your posp. Did you read theory of econics above? Its worth reading. Our people never know persons like Tika Acharya, Manoj Rai or Bhakti. These are potatos in the same bag. Acharya reached Georia to be president. Sadly he became treasurer, a better post for an MBA. Yam Kharel is more smarter. TP Mishra regarded him a social worker in his radio site. How is acharya a contributor? He talk as if he knows everything. Good job mr acharya. Ganesh, sanischare

  5. Here’s how we fail yet again. We have been doing what we used to do in the past. Common! let’s do something new and progressive. What should the Bhutanses in America expect from the organisation that is born paralyzed?

  6. All of you are right, Acharya did not contribute in the camp except couple of years of teaching in Marigold Academy. He did not do any thing great in politics except reaching the exiled Bhutanese cause to Gorkhali community in North Bengal. I remember him introducing our so called leaders with Madan Tamang, Shubash Ghising, N.B.Bhandari, Pawan Chamling, Amar Lama…….I don’t know much but heard that he used to help our juniors in college admission in Darjeeling.
    In US, he did not do any thing for people at large but heard that he played a vital role in unification of our folks in 3 different cities of New Hampshire and formed community organisation.People in his states are saying that he is a successful man both for society and personal. He generates employment, help communities in every walks of life in new place. Personally he was a successful professional in India and even in United States, in a year time, he started working in a big financial organisation in a managerial capacity. He knows Malthus and Amartasen, in fact, he attended number of Amartya Sen lectures in IIFT Delhi.
    He knows what is right- i guess his withdrawal as treasurer is good for OBCA because this type of Human Resource is always required by an organisation on the back side of of the scene.
    I wish Acharya success in his life as I remember that there are many youths like me owe a lot for his kind help when he was in India.
    Folks, let us not undermine his personality. You can ask other participants of Atlanta and learn what role he played….

  7. Dear Raman, I need to talk to you. Can you share me ur telephone and appropriate time? By the way which camp do you live or lived? Mind your business as a fair deal please. We aren’t fools anymore. Regards, Ganesh, Pathri

  8. Hi all the reader of BNS,
    I am surprized to see that Tika Acharaya was choosen as the Treasurer of OBCA !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow !!!! And,,,,,,,,,
    I told my friends in my state that tika is not a person to be in that post he is just a person to give a view and his view may work for temporarily.( I mean he is not practical). also I told that his past history is not so clear. how he will deserve the post?
    Again I saw the news that he has withdraw form OBCA.” My goodness !!! ”
    Tika jee you are great “KHADARI” NA FA (fAIDA) NA HU NE JASTO LA GA RA HO?
    OBCA members please leave such kind of guys amd go ahead and meet your terget !
    HURREY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nendi kishor

  9. Readers or fellow social workers!

    Anything done without inspiring the general public goes in vain. We can compare like- teaching students without inspiring them is like hitting a cold iron. After all who knows or tries to understand the innermost discomforts and hardships of new immigrants from the camp except few. Our nature and characteristics never develop or update as according to the place and circumstances but fight for selfish motives with innermost egoism to be a winner whether able or not. Pride goes before destruction as proverbs says. Its an open example how our great motherland of our great grandfathers-NEPAL is going on its most unhealthy political situation. The same game is being imitated in the name of COMMUNITY WORK! “An empty vessel sounds much,” Are we in Nepal or in US, the most powerful nation in the world? Why do not try to learn from such a great nation and be patient until we achieve pure CITIZENSHIP.I promise or take oath no one has the intention to serve anyone rather than to capture funds and fill their pockets in the name of community but I too bet and warn that no one can dream to consume any sorts of benefits in the name of BHUTANESE COMMUNITY but you may have right to earn with our own toils, personally. Our state level aid and a little bit of volunteer is enough for the initial stage and other comes into its position if we try for some entry level jobs. I suggest each and every new immigrants to be aware of such parasites or germs who sucks others blood and leaves only bones after fulfilling their selfish motives. We’ll just be a great fool if we be their catalysts or be innocent supporters. Let every one see the truth, hear the truth and speak the truth as nothing is greater than TRUTH.Be aware of all liars and false preachers who preaches but does just opposite. We’re in the land of opportunity and one of the most blessed nation in the world and just keep faith in God and follow the way of truth and have determination and work hard for ourselves and help as according to your capacity to the needy ones. We’re in the United States which is already one and our duty is to serve the nation without any thirst for post or more accumulation of wealth.

  10. Hello Everyone,

    We’ve different hobbies in life but our friends and elders chose to form org. as their hobbies which is really tough and most difficult one. It compelled me to disclose regarding our background who divided our community into different caste- isms amongst us and our fellow beings still have such feelings of high and low caste in our community. We never had same belief very internally or spiritually but directly or indirectly dominated by some factors towards the innocents in the field of community work. The same formula is on process and trying to apply for the innocent people. Now we have to be much more cautious about these elements who acts like EARTHWORMS and moves forward and backward according to his /her will and intelligence and selfish motives. The culture of 4 castes and 36 categories has to be eliminated voluntarily from each one of our heart and mind and have open and disciplined life and beside that have overall wisdom and capacity to lead our community in the right track if trying to be a leader of the community. It may not be wise to complain or bargain about anyone but realize again and again where we are and how we are and explore about self before exploring any other things. No one can impose his/her ideologies unnecessarily because majority of our people have awareness to help others or not during any disasters or sufferings. Lets build ourselves or have full knowledge and capacity before motivating others in hurry and not create confusion amongst us in the beginning itself. Lets build maturity in every field personally or voluntarily and acquire each and every basic foundation rather than manipulating others in the name of community and serve with purity in heart and brotherhood. HASTE IS WASTE.

  11. Nandi ji,
    how do you know Tika ? Is he a same gay living in Siliguri? If so than I have lots to write about him please let me know?
    If Tike is same gay than I need to place my settlement in his state because He is not a real man. thanks god my state will give hand to OBCA now, if Tika out !
    But let official acceptance come from obca only.
    Gopal kharga
    NEW York (Beldangi-2)

  12. Dear Friends,
    It is not wise to bring private issue in the mass
    editor please don’t allow the private issue.
    Otherwise BNS blog will be a war blog for ill bhutanese guys.
    I request Narad and Gobal not to hurt people sentiment.

    Chudamuni Adhikari

  13. OBCA………….
    Don’t worry about people who critize you guys.I have heard of many youths coming to the fore front.Go and keep going well.It is very to teach twenty good lessons to others but becomes difficult for the same GURU to follow one.
    In your first convention there were only people from 17 states?/ that’s too much,You don’t need more to start with ,Do good work and 33 more will follow your footprints.If you follow the same culture as in the past mind it there will be none behind you except the executives.If you start working with a small group and give directions and support to the people many will follow you……..This is not the time to evaluate your success or failure,time will evaluate your work and credentials.
    If you think yourself as a a National Organisation then you need to really pull up your sleeves now,If you want to perish do nothing body will have to ditch you you yourself will vanish from the history.
    It was unfortunate Tika Ji tendered his resignation within a day, we expected a lot from him to lead….I think you need to swim and sink together,never mind, may be Tikaji will rethink about the decission.
    Good Luck.

  14. President, Vice President and Seceratary
    Will you soon clear that Tika is still is in position or out from obca ?
    We are in delama?
    You gays are sleeping where is your acitivities ? Not only me lots of bhutanese and other people are looking your activities.
    come with good progrmme and show those people has not belive you all.
    But you do late to bring the result of Tika Acharaya and if you do late to come forward with the programme than you will loose the people support.
    Laxuman Dulal
    Beldangi 2 (still in camp)

  15. Hello nandi kishor,did u forget that u gut a mass slave in khalpadha{siliguri}..And well that your did u do any thing good for ur self in present..The person who can,nt do any thing good for himslef,damn is useless for u to view the BNS blog…Tht,s just for the respected people..Nt for the trash can…..damn,,tak my free advice…..Stop viewing the BNS…Tht,s nt for u….