Editor, Kazi Gautam

Kazi Gautam was born and brought up in Gangatey, a remote village in Samchi district, a southern territory of Bhutan in 1980. He had his primary education in Pinjuli Primary School and later completed his high school in Tri-Ratna Secondary school, Beldangi II in 1999. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Tri-Chandra College, Kathmandu. Although he was studying Master’s Degree in Ratna Rajya College, Kathmandu, he could not complete it due to immigration to the USA.

Mr. Gautam has been working as a journalist for about eight years. He was an editor of The Bhutan Reporter in 2005, and has been associated with BNS since its inception. He also worked as a program presenter at the weekly radio program Saranarthi Sarokar in 2007-2008.

An avid reader, and interested in writing since his childhood, Gautam’s write-ups appeared regularly in Nepal’s daily newspapers like The Kathmandu Post, The Rising Nepal and Gorkhapatra in 2006-2008. He still writes for the papers off and on.

Currently, he is based in Syracuse, NY, and employed with Syracuse City School District’s Refugee Assistance Program as a Nationality Worker. Besides, Kazi Gautam is a NY State certified Court Interpreter, and he has also been actively involved as a volunteer for Bhutanese Community of Syracuse since 2008.