Our Donors

Indeed, we were a few persons to run BNS for several years. However, from April 2012, we are several in the same boat with an aim of transforming BNS into a leading news service in near future. In this juncture, we wish to thank all individual and organizational funders for their generous supports. You can submit your donations throughout the year by click this link. The donors’ list remains updated as soon as submissions are made.

Annual Donors

  1. Rajendra Timsina, Canada
  2. Sushil Niroula, Australia
  3. Khagendra Baral, United States
  4. Dhan Rai, United States
  5. Parangkush Subedi, United States
  6. Durga Giri, United Kingdom
  7. Devi Sharma, United States
  8. Ram Bahadur Karki Chhetri, The Netherlands
  9. Jiban Subba, United States
  10. Prem Giri, United Kingdom
  11. Rajen Giri, United States
  12. Parsuram Sharma Luitel, Australia
  13. Dr Purna Chhetri, United States
  14. Thinely Penjore, United States
  15. Gyem Adhikari, United States
  16. Doug Hall, United States
  17. Bhutanese Welfare Association in UK, United Kingdom
  18. Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands, The Netherlands
  19. Punya Foundation, Australia
  20. Hari Adhikari, United States
  21. Dick Chhetri, United States
  22. Narayan Sharma, United States

Monthly Donors 

  1. Kuldeep Kathet, Denmark
  2. Thugten Dorjee Drukpa, Denmark
  3. Lok Nath Gurung, Denmark
  4. Purna Kathet, Denmark
  5. Dil Bahadur Rai, Denmark
  6. Anjun Ghataney, Denmark
  7. Kamal Koirala, Denmark
  8. Suman Rai, Denmark
  9. Gauri Shankhar Gautam, Denmark
  10. Laxmi Dahal, Denmark
  11. Tika Tiwari, Denmark
  12. Kamal Gautam, United States
  13. Tara Dhungana, United States
  14. Bhandu Adhikari, United States


  1. Khageshwar Mishra Sharma, United States
  2. Dhruva Mishra, United States
  3. Bhagirath Khatiwada, United States
  4. Indra Timsina, Canada
  5. Padam Rizal, United States
  6. Dipen Khadka, United States
  7. Krishna Subba, United States
  8. Tika Acharya, United States
  9. Suk Rai, United States
  10. K.B.Chouhan, United States
  11. Gopal Subedi, United States
  12. Tulashi Upreti, United States
  13. Amber Subba, United States
  14. Indra Dahal, United States
  15. Dom Acharya, Australia
  16. Indra Rizal, Australia