Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

Dr. Dhakal, a Netherlands based physician, is originally from Dagapela, Bhutan. He is the founding president of Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN). Dr. Dhakal writes on a regular basis on crosscutting issues with primary focus on health and human rights and justice seeking. His articles touch on education and issues with social and cultural implications contributing to the empowerment of poor and vulnerable people in developing countries.

He is also the Founder of a non-profit welfare organization, Punya Foundation registered in Australia. Registered in south Australia, the Foundation works with mission of Seeking Justice through Education and Empowerment.

In an attempt to raise health awareness and to promote adoption of healthy behaviours among the immigrant population and among people of developing countries, in collaboration with other public health experts, Dr. Dhakal has founded, Global Health Promotion. It is a free knowledge-sharing institute. Connecting himself to his village Dagapela, to his youth life in refugee camps in Nepal, Dr. Dhakal reflects himself blogging at www.lakshmidhakal.org.

E-mail: [email protected]