ABA to publicize name of chair, ED today


The Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) has said that publicizing the names for the position of Chair and Executive Director (ED) will take a little while.  

According to ABA, the names will be publicized amidst a cultural program later today at around 6.00 PM.  According to their by-laws, newly elected members of the board of directors will elect the chairman, executive director and four other members for the board of directors.


  1. Dear elected board of directors of ABA,
    It’s not too late yet, Please think twice for your executives..Clean image, young and broadminded, not folks of above 30 is highly expected by the public and it’s acceptable in any corners of our community.
    Please HELP us keep away from BPP,BNDP,UFD,DNC,BGNLF,DYOB,YOB,BCDM,PFHRD,BPFHRD,DNSU,ABSU,SUB,ETC.atleast for the sake of purity and clear vision.
    We need someone who can really walk our folks in resettlement phase in America.

  2. Third convention of ABA today shifted for a church hall to a appartment complex. Previously it was announced IRC meeting hall will be used, but due to some management difficulties,today’s session is going to be held at Kristopher Wood appartment complex.
    All the delegates are given direction, however ABA has discouraged nonmembers of the organisation.
    Let’s find out will be next behind the closed door.

  3. looks like someone gave you guys a wrong information about the venue of the program.
    The fact is that ……it was conducted in the same church hall.

    telling lie no papa.This we learned in LKG.

  4. Bhutan,
    Truth is truth don’t say someone, the whole Bhutanese know that convention started in a church hall and ended in Kristopher Woods apartment,,Ask Guru Siwakoti.
    Truth is BNS is in favour of ABA..We will see the future

  5. Arun, Purna, and Dil,
    Yuo all are mula of same dyang.
    you gays are moving now with defetead mantality. You cannot digast ABA Convantion, you working hard and teeling people not to go ABA progaram but you no succass. Why you biring othar’s name, you look yoursalf in miror. dont fool people, no one bilive you.

  6. Dhanasey kaila,
    You only addressed the concerns of Arun,Purna and Dil. What about yourself??I know you live in Kristopher Woods apartment and ABA had meeting in your place. Don’t your feel discomfort inviting conflict between friends in your personal apartment.?? What is your stand? You can not move on with your own ideas and supported a childwood friend without looking at the impact that falls on the head of community.No body said people shouldn’t go for ABA convention. That is a wrong alligation when you didn’t see the people you were expecting inside from your heart. In fact, that is the instant result of your deed to the community. Ask yourself what ABA and it’s member have done in GEORGIA????? ZERO ZERO ZERO
    AND and have nothing and can not do… They are very tired of organising convention and it’s already promissed not to be engaged in any social activities anymore.They managed the convention with lots of hardships because they couldn’t forget the challenges that resulted from their own egos. They were almost passout, but they made it.
    So from all these activities we learned that even if unification comes in reality or if ABA and OBCA join hands for greater unification. we will miss lots of ABA folks in future. They need organisation when ABA is there. Think of their mentality and the degree.

  7. You seems right.I will not argue about that.
    It was true that at sun set all of them went to several apartment.May be a large portion went to Kristopher Woods apartment at night to sleep.
    Mr.Dil you are bit confused with this.Better you know that a ABA convention was scheduled to take place at Day and NOT at night.
    Go ahead and read the news of today by Pasupati Timsina.
    He has written the truth.
    If you want to continue to tell lie and established yourself a liar.Go ahead and do it.