ABA, OBCA agree to discuss on unity


In a phone conference organized by the BNS between the two, the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) and Organization of Bhutanese Community in America (OBCA) finally vowed commitment for unity.  

BNS organized two separate conferences, with consent and request from both the organizations, to discuss possible unity. In the first round of 2-hour long talks, at least three executive members from each organizations, focused on the need of unity for continuous intactness of the community.  

The second round of nearly-four-hours long phone conference moderated by the BNS, further discussed unity in broader aspect. Both the executive heads of each organization, where all their executive members took participation, further made it clear that they would start fresh and immediate initiative for possible unity.    

The conference was moderated by TP Mishra and Buddha Mani Dhakal of BNS. BNS will publish a portion of the audio version of the conference in its radio site soon.


  1. I personally express gratitude to BNS for playing such a big role in the process of unification. OBCA’s approach and ABA’s acceptance for unity has brought a new hope to the common people. DP Basnet’s sacrifice and a role is praise worthy. DP Basnet is proving himself as a real senior citizen of Bhutan. Bhakti Bhandari along with all the Bhutanese resettled from coordinators to the appartments are anxious to see acommon platform very soon. DP Basnet is expected to be the KEY HOLDER of unity. If ABA and OBCA unites, there is almost no chances seen for another organisation.
    All the best DP dai…..

  2. Good job! I appreciated the work done by BNS for fostering and cementing the relations between OBCA and ABA. I hope both the parties will work together to serve the Bhutanese settlers in the US. The observers will definitely see it ugly; if either of the group tries to break the hard earn unity.
    In the mean time, I feel it is important to have the Organizations from all the States and Cities where the Bhutanese are resettled. This local organization will be deeming fit to serve the people in a better and effective way. The local problem can be solved by the local leaders. Our issue is not just local but it is of an international stature therefore, we definitely need a national level Bhutanese organization in order to tackle the various issues cropping up. My suggestions would be like this; pull/invite one or two leaders as required from all the cities or States to constitute the broad based national organization. This will result in fair and balance representation from all the states and cities.
    DB Adhikari

  3. Great job!!
    A big applause for the media group and the stakeholders.During the transitional period at least for next 5 to 7 years, Common platform will definetly serve in the best interest of the Bhutanese community in exile.We did had lots of organisations in the past,all did good work at their level but still we failed.The reason being the conflict of interest amongst themselves to gain popularity.We did experienced few divide and rule type of thing in campaigning the Refugee Issue.Their demands,goals and programmes varied resulting in the confusion among the potential wellwishers/donors.As such we failed on every fronts due to mushrooming of organisations and their campaign against the regime.It matters more on what we achieve than in how many different groups we owe.
    This is a crucial time for both OBCA and ABA.They must sacrifice something that hurts the sentiments of members and look for a new organisation incorporating the ideals from both which takes care of the uneducated masses.Organasational Sacrifices at this point is praiseworthy.

    History of ABA and OBCA may be different,the way it was formed may be different and the need for it was different at the time of their formation.Now things have changed,with the resettlement in full swing and needs of the people have to be given due considerations.Organising or helping to organise people at the ground level (For now APPARTMENT LEVEL) seems to be urgent and important for us to settled and get adjusted with the changing scenarios.The pressing need of the hour is helping our folks to help themselves for a year or so,empower them to start making a independent living.With the change of time the organizational functunaries must be changed should any organization/groups stake claim for a national organisation.
    The recent media report on forging a alliance is a welcoming sign.Be sure these organisations put enough fevicol in them so that it works as a united team and not try to break out altleast for some years hence.It is important to develop organasational ethics and culture.

    Media and media men needs special thanks for their tireless efforts in bridging the gap between the two .

  4. BNS ! Congratulations for your commendable job. You have again proven your dedications and commitements to the welfare of our society and our movement in general as well. Now you have helped to initiate the process of unity between ABA and the proposed OBCA and the ball lies in their court, let us hope that this process comes to its logical conclusion asap and closes this chapter of debate once and for all.

    I wish friends at ABA and OBCA good luck.

  5. Poor media! All those who have earned are silent. You people are really cute. I salute TP and his dynamic team. But, focuss on other issues besides this. By the way fire victims are having worst time. What abt this friends?

  6. BNS- Great work!
    We are yet to hear the concrete conclusion- Strategic plan of action to move forward is yet to be declared. All of us are waiting to hear- ABA/OBCA or BOTH will lead Bhutanese Community in US??

  7. Good to know the attraction alignment of two organisations.
    Can I raise one issue in this forum?
    I understand that ABA functioned more from membership funds and donations from welwishers. The emerging new unity organization may be of similar order. Will the Bhutanese refugees who resettled here at USA be its automatic members or they need to seek the membership after paying the fees. Conflict may arise here taking into consideration of the total amount of grant such organization fetches from ORR. The ORR will at the most provide an annual grant of $300000. By now some 30000 Bhutanese already got resettled.The grant will go to some cities and some cities will not get anything as per the design of project and influential heads. If evenly distributed among the refugee population it worths not more than $15 per head. But if people need to pay the membership fees, it will be around $50. Why we are spending more to get less. In economic terms, the rate of return will be negative.
    Here I mean to highlight that purpose of such unity or umbrella organization should be broader and shouldnot narrow the scope to limit of grants only.

  8. These are the type of news we want to hear about forming an organisation. Everyone supports me, i am sure.

    There IS NO HURRY to form an association. Talk , talk and Discuss at length about the objectives and am quite sure you will come to a consensus. BETTER TAKE TIME AND FORM A SINGLE ORG THAN HURRRYING UP AND FORMING MANY SMALL PARTIES.

  9. Great Job TP and the BNS Team,

    I salute your work in bringing this two organisations together. Now it is up to them what they would do. Hope of the common people in US as well as in various resettled countries have increased.

  10. Dear Bhutani Daju Bhai Didi Bainee,
    The time has come for every individual Bhutanese to be alert. Both OBCA (Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America) and ABA (Association of Bhutanese in America) have finally come to a conclusion to merge into a new common platform. Yet, its nature, terms and conditions, new organization’s name and deadline for unification haven’t been confirmed. If DP Basnet and Bhakti Bhandari, the two heads of ABA and OBCA respectively prove their true sacrifice and dedication to serve up for the common cause of Bhutanese, unquestionably unity comes true. By chance it goes other ways; there’d be 0% probability of unification further and its consequences have to be born by them. And undoubtedly a number of mushroom growing new community organizations will emerge. Do you wish such situation???

    We should by no means desire a small Bhutanese community dividing into a numerous groups. I personally appeal the leaders of both the groups to keep away all the egos you have if any, and come to serve the death and dying Bhutanese in America and across the globe in general. I’ve an appeal too; to each Bhutanese living in America and else-where to give an immense pressure to these two groups. The unity in America will certainly unify the Bhutanese resettled all over the world. Let’s not feel sorry in future.

    Yes, ORR grants, state and federal grants seem essential. Above all grants, unity is the must. It’s easy to break a stick than a bundle of sticks. At this hour, we should be more concerned about the new families landing at the airport every day; their adjustment, school, health, socialization, employment and many more. Two to three persons are dying every month. The families of the deceased need help. Side by side, preserving culture, costume, refined traditions, language and religions is equally necessary. All these tasks have to be taken care by the community organizations. Here, local level community organizations would be more vital. The issues like helping the fire victims, earth quake victims, about our identity in the US census 2010, repatriation, and assimilation have to be commonly addressed. For, a common national plat-form too is the must. Its nature has to be purely non- political and should not participate in any political agenda. However, we should be able to work for our rights and repatriation as situation and time demands.

    We’re optimistic that the OBCA’s convention on 18th and 19th June in Georgia would convert into “UNIFICATION cum CONVENTION” of Bhutanese in America. I wish, I’d see the board members of ABA, OBCA, mediator, and participants on these two days shaking hands and embracing. This scene would be an example to the new generation and a history. It’d also be an eye opener event to the Government of Bhutan.

    Kumar Gurung
    Nebraska, USA

  11. Good job.But to form a national organization of the resettled Bhutanese in America, why not follow the adult franchise method rather than sticking to the traditional method that has been practiced for the last 20 years in exile with very less yield.I believe, if organizers go ahead as given here, maximum of the resettled and would be resettled Bhutanese feel that this is “our organization”.

    1. Elect,(don’t select)state representative(one each)from all the states where we are resettled.

    2. Elect executive body members(president,vice president,G.secretary,….)from the group of no.1 above.

    3. No need to have regional representatives when there are states representatives.

    4. Conduct the second round election to fill up the vacancy created within no.1 if assignment for no.2 group seems heavy.

    5.Conduct election every after 2 to 3 years for no.1 and 2.

    Would you all mind to give your thought on this simple thought of mine.

    NP Subedi

  12. Ultimatum or Unity
    Due to the widespread criticisms faced by the proposed OBAC National Convention Organizing Committee from both within and outside the US and from both known and unknown personalities force them to take the initiative to call the Association of Bhutanese in America(ABA)to sit for a dialogue to garner unity and to put it more appropriately in their own words,”to establish an umbrella organization.”But the serious question is whether the initiative taken is honest and sincere or just the step taken to fool people about their hidden ambitious motive and decision which they have already made to shoulder the responsibility for the cause of our community.
    It is ridiculous to think on the part of the proposed new umbrella organization members,most of whom are not matured to assume such a great and noble responsibility.
    Here,we can see our history in its course of repetition.In the name of unity we have been the victims of disunity.If the proposed new organization members were enlightened enough by the past unity phobia,they would have taken this initiative before slating the convention date.So it is more like an Ultimatum than a call for unity.The belated blowing of horn for unity and their rigidity not to step back from holding the convention indicates their double standard strategy.So what this clearly proves is their vested dreams which is rather a disaster than a solution.It could pave ways to cultivate the practice of forming different groups and organization,which would ultimately make us scattered and disunited.
    If we in the deep sense analyze the bloc posted by R.P.Subba,one could for sure develop the insight that the formation of different groups and organizations would further put a great set back in attaining our common objectives.
    The effort of establishing the national organization in its serious and sincere nature is good but the approach adopted is unwelcoming as is evident from some of the infamous,insincere and the already spoilt names back in Nepal.The leadership of such organization should be in the hands of senior,dynamic and clean individuals.
    So,everybody please give a second thought.

  13. There is saying in nepali that “kukoor ko puchar bara barsa dungro rakhay pani kahilay sida hudaina”. It is known fact that our well educated with tremendous ideological leader are showing same deeds which they had shown in Nepal through couple years.Now they are fighting for position, name, fame and most shocking thing is that they are fighting for personal egoism in the name whole bhutanese residing in United States.I wonder why people fight for ego rather than thinking about ressetled bhutanese people in USA? But be “KHABARDAR” about what are you are doing now for bhutanese people.Bhutanese people are watching you,Bhutanese youth are watching you, BHutanese Kids are watching you.

  14. Fed up with so called leaders or community workers since no one did nothing to win the hearts of the innocent public in the past nor will they win in the US or anywhere due to there educational pride, dirty politics,nepotism,favoritism, etc..etc.I advise our capable friends, seniors and juniors to invest their talent to be industrious and work for themselves, if possible employ the unemployed, help to get permit of driving, teach English language, etc.voluntarily rather than to form org at this time and trying to shoulder others pain unnecessarily only in words.But if you dream of a huge fund from the govt that you all are targeting it will never be in favor for all the general welfare of the public or innocent. Everybody has freedom of forming org out here. Yes, you can do for your own betterment but do not sell the name of the innocent again as happened back in Nepal. Who dared to give a penny when in great adversity in the camp and trying to proclaim as national leaders out here. Those GAUBUDAS and KARBARIS and some graduates tried their best to become NETAs but lastly put everyone in the ditch and themselves too after ruining thousands of innocent people and at last surrendered themselves for the T C R or in the barrack or police camp. Needless to go deeply and I advise everybody to be very careful with all these honey tongues, very difficult to trust. Now all have digested the bitterest part of our adversities/difficulties and no need to master any-ones destiny. Give more priority to your near and dear ones and never give false assurance to anybody and again making a platform to fight each other for post. “A rose perfume spreads itself and attracts others but does not move to spread its scent.” God Bless U All.

    Concern USA.

  15. Whoever are in favor of so called ABA or OBGA are totally linked each other since Nepal as BNDP, DYB,BPP, YOB etc. I request you all to get admitted in the colleges or universities that you desire and train professionally if you all really want to quench the real thirst to serve the community with the national spirit but not ACTING AS ONE-EYED KING IN THE KINGDOM OF BLIND. You must repent your faults for some more years and study vast US laws and constitution or history and go accordingly but not as Thutey Netas who vanishes after fulfilling personal desires. The innocent public neither united perfectly for social cause nor desired to be in fraction but lead a silence life as ocean who has deep desire to work religiously and socially if guided by great and perfect guru(teacher). But at last they had to suffer the penalty of so called leaders after becoming the members of different orgs. as happened in the past. Due to lack of transparency and communication with the general public and the public ‘s innocence, leaders or community workers took great advantage financially from abroad in the previous days. To err is humane but to forgive divine but everything has its limits or boundaries. Great misfortune to leave our motherland but luckily we are resettled by much more love and affection than before and it has to be returned through our sincerity and good service. Lets share our positive thoughts, wisdom and experiences to all if we really want to rise perfectly. Lets try to “serve voluntarily rather than to rule politically.”

    EX-Bhutanese in exile.

  16. Hi guys,
    Those who are committedly serving the community and working for the national organisations, you may go ahead. It’s me who have been writing comments against the formation of national organisation. The CONCERN, BHUTANESE and Kamal Basnet are the same guy. That’s me. Do not take my words seriously…..I am just writing for fun………………

  17. Having read various Articles for or against ABA and OBCA posted in the web page anyone can draw a conclusion that this ongoing battle of claim is of racism not mistakenly.It leads to faction and division rather than unity.An eye opening suggestions of Mr.R.P subba did not bother so called infamous,insincere,immature and dirty minded leaders who claim to represent Bhutanese community in America. In fact,Some of your regional co-ordinators do not have clean background back home again they are here.We do not need them at all folks.In a way to it we do not know who DJ rai and BM rais are, but we guess they are not a leaders rather an opportunist to hit an iron when it is tomato red.It is good to get organized folks but the structure of organizing the ORGs should let the doors open from faction and divide and rule policy.We mean unity is must.
    Most importantly,sixty thousand of the Bhutanese people across the United States should have one platform but today we have Mongar shang,Rai shang, Gurung shang,Hindu sewa shang and etc.These small shangs are always against unity which lead to failure of culture,values and our tradition.
    So,folks stop forming x and y ORGs either shangs instead we can put our efforts in ourselves and form only one Organization of Bhutanese people in America(ABA).
    Lets not go with ego and pride parallel.Take either one of it to get success.Simplicity is a light that brightens the personality with round of applause from the public.
    So, Think twice before doing anything.

  18. Dear Bhutanese Americans,

    Though I stay far away. I am Bhutanese and I wanted to raise a few issues that could generate a discussion.

    I wanted to express my opinion, as everyone has the right to express.

    I am aware that Bhutanese in america are having a tough time. And the population too is extremely large.

    And from Mr. Kumar Gurung’s advice we are informed that there are state and federal level fundings into communities. This needs to be tapped for communal development.

    But, people have expressed concern over the share of money that will land in each person’s pocket. Indeed that is pure mathematics.


    2. Will state and federal level fundings be enough for each individual’s BASIC needs (i mean 30,000 plus)..? (In the future 60,000)

    This might seem like an argument to support the faction which does not want a national body at all. I am absolutely not in favor of such a result.

    So what all will the national body be able to do….

    1. Speak for the entire Bhutanese community with the State Department and with UNHCR
    2. Organize national cultural events in the future.
    3. Be the symbol of Bhutanese in America and against the tyranny in Bhutan.

    Now i want to repeat something here. The funding may not be able to support individual needs, but it may only be able to support needs of culture and symbolical significance in the current context.

    People talk as if a national organization of the Bhutanese will replace the US state and federal departments which also however, seem to provide insufficient funds….

    And even if you pay membership fees to a national organization, those basic needs cannot be catered.

    Is a national body, a ‘money machine’ that when you put in 30, or 50 dollars …..

    $2000 will come out to help you with driving, language, education…etc etc…


    The golden needs i.e. the basic needs of driving, language, money, mental health will have to borne individually.
    Like it or not, because there are no funds, it has to be in that way.

    Now every country in this world is some sort of an organization catering to a varied number of needs of individuals and groups.
    One of the must fundamental units of these “big organizations” are the city councils, or local governments.

    Do not overlook this fact. The political situation in Nepal or in India has gone down the drain, because the importance of strong local bodies were long ago forgotten and we have carried that disease right across the oceans to the western countries. No wonder, the centers of India, don’t like a gorkhaland movement and neither the hill people understand that being Nepali is not enough.

    Madan Tamang spoke of the people. He talked of management of the problems of the gorkhaland. He talk about consultation. He talked about local bodies playing the bigger role.

    Undoubtedly, local bodies not only create democracy but also unity. The hill people must have pocket bodies which are alike and then a central “HILL ORGANIZATION” is possible to look after general objectives.

    No wonder he was assassinated.

    Our politics failed because our politicians always thought elections of the central body first, never thought of the structure of the local bodies, its elections and the relation it must bear with the central body. Look at Nepal.

    We don’t think of a structure and the services it is supposed to cater, but straightaway decide who is to be elected at the top.

    We always start from the tail and not the head. It is hard to believe isn’t it… that local bodies are the heads and not the tails.

    Yet that is the truth.

    Our politicians were human and are still. But they were never advanced enough to realize this.

    The media groups and philanthropists in the Bhutanese communities keep on hooting about national or international organizations.

    Everyone thinks of some sort of individual membership fees to provide services. Which is impossible. Nonetheless you can try without a clue.

    The western states, understand this. So they heavily control their local bodies by telling the local government you are dependent on us. But look closely, the western states can do this, because the center controls all the money. The local bodies collect tax, yet are dependent on the center for decisions.

    So how does that happen: basically by law and by culture.

    But who would say that we Bhutanese have a similar law. Neither do we have a culture of unity, to see the importance of local bodies.

    The problem is our light understanding and the acceptance of values like “central body hunuparcha”

    K ka lagi hunuparcha thaa chhaina….ahile samma thaa chhaina…

    Taking you back to my earlier comments of what a central body of the Bhutanese of America CAN really do right now.

    1. Speak for the entire Bhutanese community in the US with the State Department and with UNHCR
    2. Organize national cultural events in the future.
    3. Be the symbol of Bhutanese in America and against the tyranny in Bhutan.

    …this is because of insufficient funds, which will always be normal. Or else a national body has to be a money machine as i remarked earlier.

    So my deeply felt advice to every Bhutanese is,try to develop a master plan.


    A model of a standard local body, like a community organization, which is highly inclusive must be first advocated.
    Beware of exclusiveness. People do not like Brahamanism anymore and there are heaps of able people from other backgrounds who are capable and farsighted.

    A constitution is important. A good one.


    And instead of individual membership fees, why not make a system of paying a reasonable local community body fee, a collective fee for the running of a central body.

    That way the “symbol of unity” must behave and will have to actually become and maintain itself as a pure symbol. It will have to voice the needs of the general community.
    And in the future if possible it should organize social events for all Bhutanese Americans.
    Even an event to speak against the Royal govt. Bhutan, throughout America falls under that responsibility.


    But plan now and say that all earnings from national community events must go back to all communities equally. Even if the earnings are only one cent per community ….it shall go back to them.

    That way individuals will not have to think of mathematics to ascertain how much they will get individually…

    This will alleviate problems like the ones Indian communities face…..fractionalization.

    Money leads to fractions, so decide anything regarding it before hand.


    Think of a Central Body comprising of intellectuals, mostly. They will not lead in every detail of social and community development. But will represent truth and honor of this community.
    They will advocate for us in the international forums and speak against Bhutan.


    I do not think a national body can fulfill all the basic needs we have been talking about.
    So what the local body and central body should try to do must be clear.
    No empty words of “unity”.

    A standard agreement must be devised. SIGNED by the leader of a local community, and forwarded to the center

    However, it should not represent submission to the center……



    Therefore the central body has to be comprised of intellectuals mostly.


    What individuals should do, must be left to individuals…

    Do not try to make the impossibles meet.

    And to take the point home…


    same story…
    1. no individual membership fees….all organizational
    2. no expectations of individual benefits…only social
    3. only a symbolic body to represent Bhutanese interests internationally…but not international fame politics…

    No MORE political parties…

    The only purposes of an International Body would be to…

    1) Advocate the Bhutanese refugee issue…
    2) Talk to IOM and UNHCR about the corruption that happens in Nepal which is stopping genuine refugees from resettling…

    and issues of that sort..

  19. Hi Bhutanese,

    It would be wise to express your fun in some other face-book but do not speak on behalf of others as VIGILANTE or CATALYST! We’re very aware of our own conscience and confident to express criticisms to whom to support or not.But criticism only do not solve the problem which needs possible solutions,suggestions and organizational strategies for our community development. You may be offended but its your own fault to disclose on behalf of others. Think many many times before speaking or writing comments. We at this time need the most responsible group of person with highest qualities, dedications, best leadership,committed and community-oriented for our community. We are always in favor of such person whom I’ve not met yet but heard like,King Martin Luther Jr, Abraham Lincoln,etc, world class leaders to lead our community who are born great by birth and God-gifted. We too have such an environment and opportunities out here in US. If there is a will, there is a way. Some are born great and some can achieve greatness but nothing overnight.Those people were political minded but at the same time spiritually gifted and were of American concept-ed politics who never excluded anyone in the society but fought for justice and equality in context of America and showed best example in the world. We’re given equal privilege at this time and if we utilize it properly, we’ll be surely achieve but the foundation and the vision should be very clear and broad. American ideology believes in independence in every aspects and come together in any disasters, national or international. At this moment, I encourage every youths, students,girls or boys to grasp free facilities of primany education and health and educate yourself in the highest level and simultaneously unite together for modern leadership in abroad for the cause of Bhutanese Community in America or any other countries and give helping hands for our community as needed, felt or asked for voluntarily or through organization.

    Now I came to conclusion, requesting or compelled to request each one our seniors,brothers,sisters, intellectuals,social workers and educators staying at the back of screen and watching the game, to express, suggest or commit for the sake of our new immigrants and new generations or communities before being the victims of corrupted leaders or falling into the ditch. We wanna hear each one of the voice from all the 50 states in the USA and from all other countries too.
    No fear, no hesitate, no meanness, no negligence, no doubtfulness,no laziness,no hatred, no fatigue, no forgetfulness, etc.etc. to express your feeling in this media. I on behalf of all the well-wishers would like to thank BNS for letting us rest our feelings and opinions and always wishes success for your entire group for ever and ever.


  20. Hi Shuruwat,

    Its most inspiring and practical suggestions that I ever came across. You should be here in US for leading us and the young generations.Anyway,you think,judge and analyze before disclosing. I support your idea. Do let us know more of your advice and guidance in the days to come.


  21. Thank you for the encouragement. In fact I thought I should elaborate more.

    I will not hesitate to express, that except a few individuals, nowadays anyone hardly raises issues of an international bhutanese organization.


    Because, political slogans of international political fame have worn down. It was simply not possible to have an individual membership based international organization and will not be possible for a very long time.

    It certainly cannot be handled by a political party or by outdated forerunners.

    WE must focus on.. community organizations. That is where our people are.

    Community orgs. at the local level must receive the attention, that a Surgeon would give during an operation. A national or international org must be formed by local organizations as it building units.

    I say we create a

    1) Standard agreement between community orgs. to create a national body, in any country. Be it in USA, Australia, Canada or in European countries.

    We must understand that a formal process is crucial to symbolize everything. If this significance and role, to local orgs. is not given, national or int’l orgs will never last….

    The local bodies through the agreement, will be consenting to be under an umbrella, just for the sake of symbol and cultural needs to be reaped in the future.

    As far as national funding for day to day needs is concerned, everyone will employ their mathematical skills…after all it is money that can be counted. It simply won’t be enough.

    And the national body cannot be some sort of bandwagon of a few. It should mean that local bhutanese orgs. have made up that central org.

    This implies a national body should only represent broader issues. A national org. cannot look into the specific issues, they can only act as a symbol and work in the field of advocacy with other big orgs.

    We cannot overlook, that the actual work must be done by the local community orgs… from local funding or perhaps help from other communities.

    That standard agreement would be a sign to be associated with ALL COMMUNITY ORGs. across US and not be a sign of SUBMISSION to a central org.

    Nothing more should be done beyond that. But I am very sure, people will go ahead with it, without local community orgs. as the building blocks.

    Bhairav Aryal beautifully said: “यो समाजमा सबैले मै हात्ती अरु सबै बोका भन्छन हरे । अब सबैले त्यस्तै सोचेपछी यो समाज हात्ती-हात्तीको हो कि बोकै-बोकाको हो कस्ले छुट्टाइदिने!!”

    2) And why not replicate something of the same magnitude in the INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN.

    Let us create a standard form agreement between all communities across the globe from every city or state.

    Some may think that is too much, and that a state level or national level approach is better. But why and how will it be impossible???

    The Political parties that created a big tamasha on this issue, simply packed their bags, because time and tide has shown what it takes to eventuate something like that in reality.

    Without local body engagement, i.e. the very people who would comprise that int’l org. cannot be engaged. Then how will such a big org. be viable??? So the packing up of bags was not unexpected. Some may deny it now. But who cares. We know who is who.

    I say what is the problem in keeping some hundreds of pdf files of agreements between community orgs. across the globe. The maximum space it could occupy on our hard-drives is 10 MB.

    Yet the significance would be sky-rocketing. It is not hard to write an agreement between community orgs. across the globe.
    It takes probably 15 mins to write one. But due to ego clashes in the struggle for democracy, it would take ages to convince our leaders to agree on something like that to cooperate. I suggest the youth to come out on this.

    ‘Something’ between community orgs. across the globe would be a stepping stone. Here again, it is only a symbolic process of unification of our entire global population. Not a way to fund for basic needs. I don’t think I have to remind anyone, anymore about mathematics.

    Let us make a chart of all community orgs. associated with each other right across the world. We already have the networks to make this happen.

    Then let us start a massive consultation process throughout this summer or perhaps winter in the southern hemisphere. The likely consequences might be…..

    1. Local bodies will directly participate in the international org.
    2. Org. fees should be minimal. No individual membership. Local body membership should exist. that way it is economic as well.
    3. Activities: Advocacy for our rights and organization of national and international events…..

    We can slowly work out what, where and how an INTERNATIONAL ORG. of the Bhutanese must develop step by step, all from

    LOCAL COMMUNITY ORGs. The agreements should happen prior to all consultations. For we must have a formal agreement as the basis to seriously communicate.

    At the moment going back to the US context. I personally hope that people should actually make sense out of the national body process and not simply say it will solve all the problems.

    I hope everyone employs effective mathematics wherever they can. After all People have the right to know what a national body can do and cannot do.


  22. Mitraji,
    Kasto Kura na bhujnu bhako. Yo prasna BNS lai hoina, Melarapa lai sodnu parcha. OBCA ko tauka ma basayra Malarapa ko sapana Senator bannay cha..yas desh ko nagarik banay pachi.Melapara aila comment laknay hunna.. gharma OBCA ko pahuna hunuhuncha. Waha ko nam Tortolaji lay pardafas garnu bhayo.

  23. Dear Friends,
    In each and every comment we are exchanging words that deteriorate our relations further. Very few comments are seen with positive views. Let us start constructive criticism if at all it is worth. Why don’t we start thinking positively and formulate our common goals altogether? Our cause is now endangered with the fellow Lhotshampas getting settled all over the world. If we do not start contemplating positively at least to keep commonness by now, then we will soon be debating foolishly when our progeny will take the Bhutanese movement as merely a text for them to read in history. You might have already observed that most of the new generation lots do not take this movement as something to be with – but as our good old folk tales. Therefore, if we could not retaliate to the callous actions of the then RGOB, we could have established some permanent pillars by which our generations to come would make it a way of their lives. Is it not our responsibility to bequeath something to our sons and daughters that was left to us generously by our forefathers? By this I mean we now should look for ways to get united and bonded.
    One small example I would present here is that our festivals are just on our door steps knocking every household be it be in resettled destiny or still in the camps or elsewhere all alike. As experienced by all, irrespective of our economic conditions and our respective background we come from, the common thing is we have high social values which we could conserve, protect and at the same time be more emotional to them. I see the dcnepal starting to invite Nepalese in different parts of USA to celebrate Teez, for them to get together and strengthen their bond of Nepaliness all together. Is it not kind of a social tool by which we oblige ourselves to our society and in the long run would it not help adhere altogether to our common goal if we have any?
    As we all know, man is a social being, we celebrate our festivals. Different people celebrate them in various ways depending upon different factors but the essence is the same. Why don’t we start to plan a common venue to celebrate it? These are the flowers, of our society of Bhutanese refugees who have lost their garden but still they are flowering. Should we not enjoy their fragrance? Some people may debate that we all are celebrating them and it does not bear any weight except for the sake of commenting. But here I emphasize there should be some cultural activities like singing, dancing, awareness of the importance of these social values and getting on ourselves in organizations and uniting ourselves. If we do it in an organized way keeping opportunity open for all to participate, it would be much helpful for us to get our long cherished goal of unity.
    Politics is a combination of all aspects of human society. The aim of politics is to rule ourselves by a law accepted by all. These laws constitute different social, cultural, religious beliefs, international values etc. If we do not conserve our good social, cultural and religious values which form the idealistic views of society then the society will not exist, it will assimilate with other societies in its vicinity. Then is there any point of arguing here on this web site? We must now think before we leap. I wish ABA and OBCA agree to celebrate some common venues to celebrate this teez as a first step towards the unity of the Bhutanese scattered all over the world. Thank you and wish you all a very happy TEEZ!!

  24. why dont you gays do your instate of playing this dirty games ….DUM..WE ARE TIRED OF THIS WHEN WE WERE IN CAMP …STOP!!!!
    hutanese scattered all over the world. Thank you and wish you all a very happy TEEZ!!