ABA 5th convention to kick off from July 4


The fifth national convention of the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) will be held from July 4-7 in Phoenix, Arizona.

File photo : Artists perfom cultural dance during ABA general convention in 2010 ( Picture courtesy : ABA website)

“The convention will be dedicated to bring new people, hope, and aspiration to fulfill the dream of ABA charter,” stated the official website of the Association.

The ABA has also asked all Bhutanese in the U.S. and North America to contribute to the convention in whatever capacity they could to build a strong and vibrant Bhutanese community.

According to Dr Purna Chhetri, over 400 delegates would gather from various states of America, and from North America.

He also mentioned that accommodation for their stay will be made either by the guests themselves or by the convention committee.

“The theme of our convention is: heading towards the path of self-sufficiency,” ABA Chairperson Chhetri said.

It is also learnt that the organizing committee has been working hard, being dedicated to make this fifth annual convention a truly memorable experience for all participants.

“We sincerely hope that you will join us in making this ABA Convention a true success. We look forward to welcoming you to Phoenix.”

The events during the upcoming convention included arrival of guests and welcome dinner (July 4), internal ABA board and general meetings (July 5), general convention and cultural program (July 6), and a tour to Grand Canyon (July 7), according to Chief Coordinator of the Event Organizing Committee Dilip Kumar Mishra.

ABA official logo

“Morning session of the convention day will be focused on honor and recognition, ABA organizational and projects reports, listening to guest speakers, slide shows and question-answer session,” added Chhetri.

“Afternoon session will be full of cultural events, performed by in- state and out- of -state artists. Classical dances, talent shows, mono-acts, telling success stories and singing are some of the items in place.”

Editor’s note : The news story has been revised incorporating ABA’s press statement issued on June 10. Download ABA statement here


  1. Looking at dancing photo of girls,I would like to suggest them ..plez try to wear Bhutanese dress in proper manner. The big tego/wongu ,not properly the folding the tego,not properly dress up will make them joker.
    They should keep in mind that, international communities are well known about Bhutan and its culture and traditions. Therefore, trying to maintain Bhutanese looks half halfheartedly and without proper knowledge will bring bad image to nepali struggle in Bhutanese human rights and democracy. Your such carelessness in regard to wearing Bhutanese dress will indicate
    that, in fact you are not genuine Bhutanese coz you does not know how to wear your National dress.

  2. Thanks Deepak Yaba
    really appreciate what you have mentioned. If you people really want to show that you are Bhutanese, the way to do so is not only to wear gho and kera or the national dress of Bhutan. if you study the picture, you can find out so many things that look odd whether they are doing intentionally or unintentionally. ABA being the Bhutanes organisation should know what are to be in the news paper. Bhutanese are not only the people who are watching this game. Please convey the facts that are supposed to be. Is it only the national dress of Bhutan that matters you? I have been seeing the same sort of statements on dinner, tour, welcoming and so on since the last year. What actually ABA wants to convey in this coming conference is a most. Most of the people are waiting to see what more effective and more logical ideas the organisation is going to present. it has been a long trait to see the same face all the time either that were organisations back in refugee camp or rihgt at present in the resettlement countries. Is ABA going to make or add members this time? And, talking only about history will lead back rather than going forward. please bring the new ideas that are implementable to this society.

  3. Do these ABA and OBCA know any other things besides holding the general conventions? that also at the expense of donated $$ collected from Bhutanese in diaspora? I have never read a single line, let alone a news article, that informs the general Bhutanese of their achievements.

  4. Whle I do know that ABA and OBCA have been mostly advertising their conventions to the general public, they sure must be doing somethign else that not everyone and their mother needs to know. Having said that, I would also like to good ideas, new programs and amazing things for me and my family without me having to do anything. Therefore, I will go to bed and bblamgadhey when I need anything. These two must be doing extraordinary things entirely on their opwn time and money. ABA and OBCA rely on the community for assistance and help, which is strange. The money and resources they need should be falling from the sky for them. I wonder what is keeping them from getting us all fabulously high-paying jobs, buying us houses and “bringing us projects” without us having to do anything.

    Thanks, bed and lamgadhey-jyu. Lookingforward to a fabulous time with your unlimited support.

  5. ‘Enjoy life, this is not a dress rehearsal’- Supporting Yaba I would like to point out that when you are not something and you try to copy, that is what happens. The children in the picture may not even know where Bhutan is. They have worn the clothes not because they are patriotic but because they have been told to do so. You should have worn the Bhutanse Dress whole heartedly when you were in Bhutan! In America you make a mockery of the Bhutanese of Nepali origin.

    What is the future of ABA or any other Bhutanese associations anyway? We only hear about annual conventions once in a year! Isolating yourself with a ‘Bhutanese tag’ you are not only putting the younger generations in jeopardy but also distracting them from integrating fully to the country, where they will spend rest of their lives.
    Abraham Lincoln once said ‘I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him’. This is what people should be focusing and be grateful to the country that has given you everything. When you show such nationality based attitudes, you must realise that you are making the host country feel uncomfortable. Go with the saying ‘be like Romans when you are in Rome’. You couldn’t be like Bhutanese when you were in Bhutan, so why force yourself to do things that you don’t believe deep inside. Just ask yourself, did you ever like bakhu? NEVER!

    Tow faced leaders often feature on BNS or Facebook pages with bhakhus and kiras- shame on them. You are the ones who opposed it in Bhutan and now you wear them!

    I am not against organisations and associations but I am against the tunnel vision that you carry. Do things that will help the resettled Bhutanese towards integration, encourage them to apply for main stream jobs by promoting opportunities to build up their skills, encourage them to understand the law of the country, guide/show them ways of living safely, encourage community cohesion, get together with other communities and promote and share good values, encourage people to learn English, encourage sports among young generations etc. because these things matter most in their lives. Don’t waste money by lavishly throwing parties and conventions, where only few of you educated lot take part and the majority of the people who pay money are ignored. Create sense of belonging. Cherish where you come from but appreciate where you are.

  6. Opinion, great thoughts. I am also fed up of these artificial people who fake everything. I have seen some jokers who are shrouded in bokhu and kabney. If they love this dress so much ..what are they doing here?
    And” Bhutanese”, if ABA and OBCA are pro Bhutanese, everyone including their mothers, grandmothers and the rest should know what they do. If not give your own (personal) name to the organizations, you’ll get no comments.

  7. “Abraham Lincoln once said ‘I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him’. This is what people should be focusing and be grateful to the country that has given you everything. When you show such nationality based attitudes, you must realise that you are making the host country feel uncomfortable. Go with the saying ‘be like Romans when you are in Rome’. You couldn’t be like Bhutanese when you were in Bhutan, so why force yourself to do things that you don’t believe deep inside. Just ask yourself, did you ever like bakhu? NEVER!”…

    Couldn’t have said better. This is the same dress their leaders and parents burnt down in early 1990s. Why in world they found so important to wear the dress? The Nepalese everywhere will never appreciate; and they are one human race who, like viruses, spreads and spoils the the community they live in. They talk sweet and pose like a honorable person but they are actually after something that would benefit immediately or later.

  8. BB and Opinion!!!
    I am proud of you. If you Analise the people leading these so called organizations, you can immediately identify the consequences that led us in the future. There are many people who belong to these organizations once assumed that staying in refugee camps with common people would defy their prestige. Now see!! those same face are trying to modify their wrong deeds in the past. People are not so fool who are going to trust and forget what they did before. Please do not play politics right now. We are here to learn and build our future. We were poor and had noting to spend for education, professions and balanced food. Now this world is different. They cant care who you belong to. They care what you are and what you are doing. This is the right time to think about the lives back in refugee camps and start dreaming of absolute successful life in the future. Many of us were poor but not retarded. We have brains that will lead us in the right track to achieve our future goals. Most of the people in the organizations will talk on how they would preserve their culture and identity. My opinion is something different. Do the best what you can and this will ultimately preserve your identity and culture. No one knows who is X and nobody wants what culture and the identity X belongs to unless X does something in the field of education, social net work and so on. Lead if you can and leave if you can’t.

  9. To dear members of ABA,OBCA & others,
    ABA is making a mockery of Bhutanese and Bhutan as message conveyed by your cultural program 2010.There are lot many good works ABA can do to help Bhutanese community in abroad, exile,and Bhutan.Do not waste resources holding conventions and meetings year by year and spend the contribution in having gala times for executive/ participants.Contribute to nation building, help establish true democracy & human right.,repatriation ,there are still some hard core patriotic bhutanese struggling to regain rights and achieve the goal of being refugee You have forgotten who were you,what were you and how you are in USA? Make RGOB feel your presence in 3rd country is a pest in his anus.Opening org. after org.is your character after all what else you can do as a Dzongkha proverb”MONKEY NO WORK TESTIS RUB STONE”.

    were you, what were you and how you are in Usa

  10. Well, thanks to those who have shown assent towards my opinion. I mean.. look at the board of directors of the so called association – quite a few are ex-thugs, who are self-proclaimed leaders and party affiliated bigoted individuals. Get an opportunity and they will leap over your back and forget you, as they have done so many times in the past.
    Individuals like ‘Bhutanese’ are so narrow that they think the word ‘Bhutanese’ is a clan and not nationality. You should look yourself in the mirror and ask your image whether you are a Nepali (I don’t mean nationality) or a Bhutanese! If somebody throws some light on something, reflect on it and think of bringing change, because change is what we need for a brighter future.
    I know it is easy to criticize, however people should learn from these criticism and pave a better path ahead. How long are we going to walk on the same path that leads nowhere? I was quite optimistic about last year’s convention- what happened..? Emm.. let me think .. right.. yea…!!!

    Do a survey and ask what people want, don’t just postulate. What are representatives for if they don’t represent? Why are you (only some) directors, if you don’t have sense of direction. Think who you were, not long ago. Promote equality and diversity by bringing in new ideas from younger generations and learn to deduce the future prospects and get equipped for the challenges that are on the way. Give way for equal opportunities- at least you can start with getting people’s views on some important decisions.
    If such things can’t be achieved, then I am afraid that the mechanisms ABA is adopting are but misleading. Adopting Bakhu & Kira, the main causes of our misfortune and adversities, is but misinterpreting and misrepresenting the Bhutanese struggle. Well, that is what I feel and I could be wrong.

  11. I am really astonished to see few comments made by some people. You guys are always negative about the leaders and calling them thugs or self proclaimed leaders. You know, leader will always emerged amongst the community members. The nominated/made leader will not solved the problem , he will be just a poppet and most probably directionless unless otherwise directed by a group.
    We were in the crisis period after we were evicted by the RGOB, in 90’s.
    I myself is not a leader but I appreciated the role played by these self proclaim leaders. Thanks to them, due to their efforts and actions the dream of resettlement is achieved. Today the resettled folks are leading the luxurious lives. With in one year, people became the owners of cars and houses(not all but most of them) that is a great achievement towards the goal of self sufficiency.
    I know many of the Bhutanese youth will became doctors, Engineers, scientists, advocates with 10 years from now. In order to encourage and aspire them the role of the community organizations is vital. These organization can play the unfathomable role to protect and preserve the cultures and traditions of the community.
    A community Organization is a must in order to direct the people of all walks of lives to their destiny.
    I saw Bed, was crazily talking about youth promotion and empowerment, who you think will pull your tail or shut the window of opportunity for you to became a youth leader? You have to come forward yourself and involved in the community. You have to grab the opportunity but opportunity will never follow you. Therefore, don’t just bark from the distance, be part of it and be a future leader, and of course, you have the enormous potential but you are diverting it into the negative force.
    Regarding the national dress, it is okey to display it in the public. coz this will educate the international communities. I agree with the lotus flower about the patriotism that needed in the individuals. Don’t think we have less patriotism of our great nation–USA, we love to be part of it and I am proud of being a US citizen in the near future. I have enormous love of my country.
    Thank you

  12. What is this now? Some ABA organizing that convention and conference and meeting in desert? Putting the bakhu and kira and eating the kalo daal and rayo ko saag? All the time food stamps receiving and some time working and some time not working. In the basement apartment chicken murder so many times. OBCA also convention organizing and filim making all the time. Only film making? why ABA no film making? May be ABA not having heros and heronis. Some of we is needing jobs. Some of we is needing buy cars. Some of we is needing pay rent or buying houses. No one is caring and giving us money to do all this things and more and more. All meeting meeting organizing. Whay is become like that, just like Nepal become? It all lokks same same refugee camps system. If you open NGO, you do everything for me. You pay my rent, buy the food for me, send me school college with tushion and like that. And also who give you permission to open NGO? No one no ask me any time and now every place there is one NGO. Back in Nepal also no ask when NGO open and in America also. Not a nice system you people start. There is NGO in nebraska, ngo in siattal, ngo in sairakuss, ngo in atlanta. atlanta is so many ngos, also OBCA is what i hear.

    i thnhkn we are finish. if no NGO no good. if ngo also no good. every body angry at ngo having. everybody angry at not having ngo. what to do what to do.