ABA convention begins, BNS to blog live


With the welcome dinner party for out of state guests today, the third national convention of the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) has begun in Atlanta, Georgia.  

ABA has said that the 3-day 2010 convention will be a celebration of their first federally funded project in partnership with an established resettlement agency in Maryland and the second election to the Board of Directors. Hari Acharya of ABA further informed BNS that the preparations for the convention have been completed.  

The convention will see election to the Board of Directors on Saturday followed by DJ night, sight-seeing tour to Stone Mountain and Georgia Aquarium and cultural programs.   

Meanwhile, BNS will “blog live” about the event from the convention hall.


  1. ABA guys, forging unification with OBCA must be your convention’s slogan. Do not wait for the move of OBCA. I guess now OBCA guys are busy strengthening their organization in different states which I see will be a headache for ABA.
    Good luck.

  2. Pashupati Timisna is a member of organising committee of ABA convention in Atlanta and against the idea of OBCA.
    His live report is not worthy.. let all effort not fall into dirty basket.

    Dear Arun ji and valued readers,
    Thank you for your comment. As far the question of Arun ji is concerned, let me make you all clear that I am not a member of organising committee of ABA convention in Atlanta. I am an independent youth being involved in writing field, which means I neither favor ABA nor do I oppose OBCA. I heartily request Arun ji to refrain from posting baseless comments.

    Pashupati Timsina/Atlanta, Convention venue

  3. Pasupati is the organising member of ABA. The news is not fair. SOrry BNS. Pease correct such mistakes immediatey if BNS wanna be real independent media. Believe me I am the regular visitor of BNS.

    Deepak Adhakari

  4. BNS,
    Decission is your hand.Truth is for all of us. Things concealed behind may contribute to cause more problem later. We are at the begining and question regarding Pasupati Timisna ji is serious for the whole community,BNS’s future and organisations.
    His (Pasupati’s) self explanation is not enough.He cann’t hide the truth.
    I have seen him in each meetings of ABA’s convention committee. YOU do not know me.YOu do not know my stand.I could be the one siting next to you in such meeting.
    I only wish our community be in better place tomarrow and do just right by our people in leadership.
    My participation in such organisations meeting is not greater than the future of our community.


  5. Dear Purna ji,
    We traced out that you earlier posted comment in the name of “Damber”. Now you pretend to be a different person. We honestly request you to refrain from posting offensive and senseless comments with various names.

    Thank you for your attachment to BNS though!

    – Editorial team members, BNS

  6. Dear Deepak and Arunji, today I reamained in the whole program of ABA. This does not mean that I am the supporter of ABA. During the last convention of OBCA, there was T.P.ji present. It does not mean that he is the supporter of OBCA and could not come Atlanta this time, which does not mean that he opposes ABA. I can attend several meetings of OBCA and ABA. Attending the meetings and active participation varies. Have you ever found my opinion on OBCA anywhere expressed? Have you ever found anywhere my opinion on ABA anywhere? How can you say that I oppose OBCA and support ABA? I am a good support for the well beings of Bhutanese community. Even if you try to bring the baseless comment, I have nothing to say after this and your comment cannot provide any harm to me to be neutral in the community.
    Anyway thanks for enjoying BNS

  7. Dear all,
    It is easier said than done.
    When comes Pasupati ji and his reporting.I believe he has no interest on any group.
    His only interest is on good reporting and to established himself as a good reporter.
    He is doing a noble job and for free.
    We must respect and honour this individuals for contributing their time for our community.
    I like to thank Pasupati ji and your team for keeping us informative.

    Tashi Delek.

  8. Dear BNS editor,
    Damber and me share apartment/room and definitely we share laptop too. But Damber and Purna are not the same person.
    Concerning my previous comment, I ask BNS to prove that it was an offensive one. Better let it go to the readers, let them read and let them tell if it went offensive. In the comment, I simply and humbly have tried to caution media from being hit back by the public for breaching the code of ethic by the so called prelance journalists. Don’t I have the right to bring such issue in the media?

  9. Pasupati ji,
    You saw comments posted are useless and doesn’t do any harm. we need to look at the impact of each action we take.
    I was in and out from convention hall and i witnessed the whole scene of convention was not taken into consideration. I mean negatives shorts of voices are not reflected in the BNS pages, that is the reasons i begun posting comments from my car and i was on and off in the convention hall.
    Please understand my intention, it’s for fairness only.I know you are from Georgia and have you been in OBCA convention i wouldn’t have doubt about you.Like i said you are a member of organising committee of ABA in Georgia.Please do not try to cover the truth.

  10. Arun ji, I appreciate your judgement. If the comments posted does not bother pasupati, you better stop reporting. Your news also doesn’t give us any sense. Please be within the ethics of journalist. Reporters can’t take any side. There is a cornor for TP Mishra’s independency. He was even not known to most of the OBCA participants. Did you see TP Mishra living with OBCA guys and guiding them? But Georgians have even some evidences that you were actively involved in the organising committe of ABA. learn to be sincere. When you didn’t see the chance of being the President of ABA you started caiming as reporter? Very sad to know.
    earn to be polite or leave the profession.

    Deepak Adhakari

  11. Hi Budhhiji
    I think you are too mean on the people and community. I was there in the convention of ABA. I had seen Pashupatiji not eating anything and had gone to his home for his lunch. I had also seen him looking for water and when not found coming and sitting beside me. When you complained about funding which means bribing him by ABA, I feel pity on you. Don’t you feel ashamed to blame as such? He was working there, for which he even couldnot get thanks from ABA, during the vote of thanks from Birendra Dhakal for his throughout day reporting, remaining hungry and thirsty. Please be optimistic, radical and dynamic on the society. Don’t be gready, jealous and airy.

  12. New Phoenix,
    What a non sense you focused on in the convention. ABA needn’t thank him if he is a unbias media man. ABA do not have to provide him water. His sacrifices is his commitement towards his boss in BNS.
    But he did not write the detail what happend in the convention that is a sad part of the story. I know BNS has to face the consicuences of being bias and not providing the whole picture of the convention. Most of the conversation and shortcoming of ABA are not mentioned.
    BNS be ready to get in the game soon..

    Dear Arun sir,
    We once again honestly request you not to post any offensive and baseless comments. Let’s opt for respectful way to shoot comments. We again like to thank you for your close attachment to BNS.

    – Editorial Team, BNS

  13. Dear Editor,
    I am a 27 yrs boy I was born in sarbang Bhutan in 1983,when my parents left the Country I was just 8yrs old.
    I was in beldangi II, I did my slc from green vale Academy. Rangalal, Arjun Ghataney, bhim maya subba are my teachers.
    I am very much happy that I have learn a lots when I was in high school and in the refugee camp and I did my +2 from Mechi campus, Bhadrapur.
    I remember my class mate were basu dev, Sita Ram and Ganesh etc when I was in Mechi.
    sorry for writing long but I am comming to points
    ” when I was in Mechi campus. It was difficult to bring rice, dal, and tarkari from beldangi therefore, some time We used to visit to BALARAM Poudyel and DP kafley(respected siniors) because to get some help as you all remember the “student life once”
    I will not write more……”
    But we are getting help from them I still respect them (DP Kafley and Balaram Poudyel)
    It is my long story but let me close it likewise if anyone speak aginst DP Kafley and Balaram Poudyel I was getting mad even now !!
    I will never bring their mistake publically because they helped me when I was student like these the interlink with ABA AND BNS,
    SO, I beg to Pasupati and Thakur please bring the actual report of ABA Conventation.Also you being the media person compire the aba and obca conventation which one was effective please.
    Som Dhungel

  14. I think people speaking out their mind in the BNS web page what can not be done in normal conversation is helping the general public lot.I know BNS has been only the source to learn what is going on around with resettled Bhutanese and around the glob.
    The expectation of general public is fairness without being bias.
    All the folks are alughing at ABA convention because it started in a church hall and ended in a small apartment called Krispother Woods where ????????????? lives.

  15. ABA VS OBCA,
    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????Convention for ABA is for meeting people who have not been in contact for long time,introducing their children with other kids, and not with intention to solve the problem of people who arrived under TRC.

    OBCA is formed by people who carried the TRC bag and some asylees who came to America from the refugee camp. The question is why these few asylee couldn’t be wrapped up with ABA folks.ABA was formed with an intention of reciving the whole vanture of Bhutanese resettlement in America. Some asylee didn’t get involved because of the fact they didn’t like member base organisation,some didn’t agree with the word ASSOCIATION in ethnic community organisation.(ECOB) Debates was in high swing, but still those who initiated the idea didn’t stop and discuss the matter with those who disagree. Instead ABA regarded as non constructive and plain cirtisum. So everyone should know how people were divided before the resettlement started.And those who were left from ABA were looking for an opportunity and build networking around in all the states.
    ABA announced it’s convention in Atlanta in their 2nd convention in Virginia.
    OBCA didn’t want to do their convention later than ABA so circulated a press release just a month before the given date for ABA convention.
    Both ABA and OBCA (please don’t mind i type names in alphabitical order)completed convention successfully.
    In comparision ABA has less participants and most of them who attended were family members. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
    OBCA’s convention had not many people but there were people from 17 states.
    ABA had from 8 states.NY,CA,TX,TN,NC,VA,ML,GA
    ABA had few people deeply engaged in covention, but many were engaged for OBCA convention.
    ABA did not elect all the board members and other executives staffs even though organisation has been established 4 years ago.
    OBCA selected all the staffs and shared the responsibility.

    There are lots of differences but all of them talk about unification..

    Do you all think our community will be benifited more when these two organisation unite.????