ABA concludes annual convention


Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) concluded its fourth annual convention amidst special function in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Sunday.

The strategic planning session, which concluded in a closed door meeting on Friday, amended the mission statement of the organization. ABA has also decided to extend its Executive Board members.

Hari Acharya, Executive Director of ABA, presented an annual report focused on a project launched by ABA in Baltimore, Maryland.  ABA, in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has been launching a project in Maryland.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to all those who volunteered in the project,” Acharya said. ABA also handed over the letter of appreciation to individuals and communities who assisted Bhutanese Community in Pittsburg.

Participants in cultural program. Photo/Tek Mishra

The second day of convention endorsed the proposal of the amendment of the mission statement. Majority of the participants expressed their concern regarding the unity of the two claiming to be national organizations, Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) and Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA). Answering to the queries, ABA representatives mentioned that the issues such as changing of the name and dissolution of ABA had been significant issues that hinder the unification.

Recently, from June 10-12, OBCA concluded its second convention with a grand function in Nashville, Tennessee. As mentioned earlier by OBCA’s chairman, in a radio talk with BNS, Yam Kharel and Naresh Dahal participated in this convention of ABA, representing OBCA.

The convention concluded along with the third day cultural programs which included Sangini, folk and modern dances.

Registered as Non-Profit organization in Washington DC,  ABA was formed in July 2007.


  1. Hellow Kharel Gee and Naresh Gee….. I am wondering why you are there to talk on unification of ABA and OBCA? If you really have faith and strength with vision, please dont merge in one pit, better try to do something unusual and highly beneficial to Bhutanese community. As an individual, i am always with you all. Also, i would like to ask about Ashok Gee… Is Gurung a qualified representative of all Bhutanese in America? Jack of trade is master of none.
    Thanks to all

  2. Congratulation to ABA folks for completing their convention. (It is called a Bhutanese organisation but their convention because ABA is a membership base organisation, so only members have right as per their bylaws).

    Unification is a common issue and everyone is looking for unification of two national organisation, regardless of name change, or anything that benefits the whole Bhutanese population in America.

    If you are standing for the common good of Bhutanese people and their development in America promoting the cultures,religions and language, issue such as dissolution and name change is minor and nothing.

    My conclusion, let’s check and realize what serves the best for the say “for the people and by the people”

    Every organisation registered in any state is done under the non profit laws of the particular state.
    No organisation is registered in any state as national organisation any where.
    So ABA is similar to those Bhutanese organisations registered elsewhere in America.
    Only federal status defines what an organisation is.


  3. Congratulations ! How about persuading OBA to dissolve and restructure ABA board next year.In my opinion, who has 501(C)(3)status or is close at getting it, that name should remain.Rest of the things are manageable.The only thing I see challenging is to build up a win-win attitude at both ends.
    I hope readers do not mind of my opinion.

    Yug, WA

  4. Its good to hear that ABA concluded its fourth annual convention in pittsburg PA.But we are hearing from lots of Bhutanese communities that OBCA and ABA should form one new organisation so that our people will be happy.I don’t wanna write more comments here but lastly i would like to give congratulation to all ABA member for your’s successful anual convention.All the best of luck.

  5. Its good to hear that ABA concluded its fourth annual convention in pittsburg PA.But we are hearing from lots of Bhutanese communities that OBCA and ABA should form one new organisation so that our people will be happy.I don’t wanna write more comments here but lastly i would like to give congratulation to all ABA member for your’s successful anual convention.All the best of luck.

  6. Hey …are you all celebrating the occassion or just playing Daushi Bhaile for money? Dont be so cunning and start doing something that can make you and your family more prosperous and happy. Wake up the time has come for job and action not for dance and lecture.

  7. Congratulations Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) for concluding your fourth annual convention. It is interesting to note the presence of representatives from Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA) in the convention. It is definately a spirit of unification and flexibility from OBCA. Let ABA take it positively. I agree with Yug Dabadi. Either OBCA or ABA, who is close to get 501(c)(3)status should be the driver of NATIONAL ORGANIZATION.Disolving both the organizations and coining new one has no meaning and reason.It is just waste of time and energy. Let the board members of both ABA and OBCA sit together and short out the differences creating win-win situation for both. Wish you all the best.
    Namaskar !
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    Concord, NH, USA

  8. Yug Dabadi ji,
    I have objection on your opinion. Don’t back yourself expecting hands from any national organisation. You got to be strong in the local level and obtain 501(c)(3) status. Look at the bylaws of both the so called national organisation and examine which one would overshadow another?
    Both ABA and OBCA bylaws goes in trash as per the non profits laws of US. Most important thing is no organisation can obtain 501 (c)(3) status as national organisation. Check IRS web site.
    ABA is registered in Washington D.C, so it is the local organisation of D.C and they can run project around the D.C area. There are restriction running business in other states.
    May be you have heard of project in D.C and Maryland. IRC is the fiscal agent and 80% of grant is absorbed by International rescue committee by letting two employee of IRC in the project. What that nonsense 20% project dust in the eyes of Bhutanese refugee?


  9. Congratulations for the successful conduction of the annual convention. Progress is being made in every states in forming the community organizations and it is a great achievement. Our mission is to help the needy families resettled in the US. WE the Bhutanese Community in Utah is also a 501c3 status approved and are working hard to provide maximum support. I am selected to attend the ORR National Consultation in August 1st. and 2nd. and UNHCR Congress August 3rd. and 4th.in Washington DC. The main agenda is to discuss how the tradition of helping refugees can be improved and sustained to assist newly arrived refugees.
    I look forward to getting the ideas and suggestions from the experienced community organizers in different states.

  10. Congratulations ABA for successfully concluding your fourth annual convention! It is interesting to note the presence of representatives from OBCA in the convention. It is a symbol of flexibility from the end of OBCA in pursuit of unity in diversity. I totally agree with Yug Dabadi. Let the driver of NATIONAL ORGANIZATION be one who is close to have its 501 (C)(3)status.
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    New Hampshire

  11. There is a hypocrisy with some of our resettled Lhotshampas as you can see from the picture above that the very people who were against the Bhutanese so called “Driglam Namzha” are promoting the very dress that made them homeless and stateless. Can you be very clear where your stance lies? If you left Bhutan because of it, why are you wearing it and for what reason.

  12. It does not matter if an organization is national, regional or local when serving community at large. When a local community organization expands its services to region, it becomes regional and when further extended to many states, it is national. I disagree with Mr. Tika above, an organization registered in one state can easily extend its services/business to any states with non-resident approval from respective states. State Department issue a certificate to do business while they mainitain only one IRS tax number. This is how a single non-profit organization operate business in various states of US.
    Regarding funding, a new organization to nurture and build capacity it is suggested by leading consultants to be in “Incubation” with significantly bigger organization and share the operation(functional and administrative) on % basis. I have no idea of 80:20 but there is rationale in partnership and collaboration in the non-profit industry in US.
    One does not get registered in the sate and with federal IRS if it does not fulfill the requirement( by-laws).
    This is just my personal understanding/experience with non-profit world.

    Tika Acharya
    New Hampshire. US.

  13. Hello Beda,
    Please avoid being so diehard racist.In terms of leadership any can be a leader who has a proven quality. If you think you have gutts to do that come to the field and start playing your part not just propagate racist philosophy.

  14. what works are these organizations doing? Give one example. Even in the states and cities they are fighting tooth and nail. Shame.

    You have to be careful about those who came before the resettlement began. They have a severe misunderstanding bewteen them. May be Dick can make it clear. They hate each other though they seem to be friends here in California.

    refugee bro
    [email protected]

  15. These people are same old people from camp with new cloths. how we can trust them. these people are already failed by showing how fragile is their organization and needs to be united. i am in favour of uniting their OBCA and ABA. But i am on the favor of uniting bhutanese in the America. And they already failed that. they dont have clear action plan, no clear approach to the bhutanese who are living in more than 40 states of America. Please dont think we are fool and stupid to listen your all bullshit. Here people need a job to pay their bills and your organization will not help for that. people are frustrated by your greedy programs which will benefit some people only. tired of those kind of stuff. Is there any program that help the bhutanese family with uneducated parents and children going to school. We respect our bhutanese people and we are happy for that. We dont need your help. We are able to help each other in my city. We used to need a help in the camp where we were in the vulnerable condition. But sompe of you came here as a leader of unsuccessful party to advocate here for us. You stayed here and seek a asylum. And now we are here In US and again you want help us. Shame on You. By the way we all laft those kind of expectation in Camp and Good bye and Sayonara to all those leaders in America who wants to advocate, help, support our community in America.

  16. National Concensus is the only way that can help us “Think Golbally and Act Locally” to fulfill the wishes of all Bhutanese in America and respect the intelligence of their children with curiosity and wonder of their tomorrow in the hands of the current leaders in ABA and OBCA.

    Best Wishes

    Dick Chhetri

  17. Congratulations to both OBCA and ABA for concluding you routine annual conventions. OBCA has a ‘Herd of 29 Directors” instead of Board of Directors. They have not yet published their names. We still do not know how many Board of Directors are there in ABA. If these organizations really care for the masses, both Dr. Purna and Mr. DJ Khaling should immediately rush to Spokane and be with the families of three missing boys who were found submerged in a river. They should go and express thier condolences on behalf of the entire Bhutanese in the U.S.

  18. ABA and OBCA, united or not, should bring all kinds of programs to all Bhutanese in all states. In every city, they should have employment programs that will place every Bhutanese of working age into jobs.

    They should have ESL classes for every one for free, where we can learn English every day if we want to.

    They should open stores and gas stations and employ only Bhutanese, for very high salaries.

    Many times, Bhutanese people have a hard time to pay rents. ABA and OBCA should have a program that will pay the rent of the people who can not pay rent.

    Many people do not have cars – ABA and OBCA staff should be available in all cities to drive these people wherever they want to go.

    Many people do not know how to drive – ABA and OBCA should have driving classes, for free, for everyone.
    Sometimes, food stamp alone is not enough. People need to buy other things too. ABA and OBCA should have a cash assistance program in every city to provide enough cash to every one who needs it.
    When people are desperate, ABA and OBCA should be there physically to prevent suicides.
    When people are lost, ABA and OBCA should have teams for search and rescue within minutes of the disappearance.

    When accidents occur, even if it due to the negligence of the drivers, ABA and OBCA should be there to PREVENT the accidents from happening. If they can not prevent, they should be there to bring back the dead to life. If they fail to do that, they should be available all the time to make sure the injured or those left behind are taken care of. If these organizations can not meet ALL these demands, what is the use of their existence?

    When they organize any kind of programs, everything should be free. No one should be asked to pay for food or entertainment.

    They should also make sure they work very hard for human rights and democracy in Bhutan while also providing relief and support to those who are still in the refugee camps.

    They should also make sure that those who are not yet unregistered in the refugee camps are taken care of.

    They should also make sure that all Bhutanese in the United States are “united” whether they want to be united or not.

    They should also dissolve themselves and form a new organization that will incorporate all the wishes of all the people all the time.

    They should stop running after grants and money. If they run after grants and money, then they must be very greedy people. They should only provide services. If they run after money, then they will not have time to provide services.

    When someone mentions these demands to these leaders of ABA and OBCA, they have the nerve to say that they do not have capacity, that they are only volunteers and that they do not have the ability to work full time. They also complain that they also need to work, just like the rest of us, in jobs so that they themselves can pay their rent and look after their families. If they have to look after their families, they why did become leaders? Leaders are supposed to look after the community, not after their own families.

    They should learn from the many advocates we have who write so many emails with so much of good advice and information for us. Why do ABA and OBCA leaders not write philosophical emails about unity, our culture, our heritage, our identity? It is because they are not concerned about us. Otherwise, they would write those emails and others who are not in position of power would not have to write them.

    ABA and OBCA should also provide ample funding for all the programs we want to organize locally – like soccer tournaments, volleyball tournaments, essay writing competition, cultural programs, talent shows etc. We also have so many young students who want to go to big big universities. ABA and OBCA should provide college scholarships for all of them.

    And finally, the purpose of these organizations is to keep us all happy and contented when delivering on all of the above activities. I know some of us like OBCA and some of us like ABA and we hate others who are members of the organization we are not a member of. One can be totally against ABA’s program in Maryland, for example, because that program is not in his/her state. They must be having that program there because it is their members only who benefit. They should understand that we do not like many others who disagree with us and they should unite us, no matter whether we agree to be united or not.

    These leaders, when confronted with these questions and suggestions, always say they do not have enough people, not enough money and not enough time. They sometimes have the guts to even say ‘why don’t you come on-board and help the organization to implement the idea you have?’ That really drives me mad. If I wanted to provide those services, I would open my own organization! Why would I join theirs? Amazing people!

    Note: There is some amount of sarcasm in this post. Take it with a grain of salt. Or sugar. Whatever rocks your boat.

  19. Hellow Birodi
    Are you really a Birodi or a fake name that helps collect sympathy upon your deeds? Racist in what sense and what background? You seem perfect but not pragmatic. To pronounce your last name doesn’t mean you are advocating about your race. If you feel that you are doing so, you are wrong but not a racist. Learn the world not an individual. Before you talk about the strength and the field,try to create your own field and plateform but dont play with others. Establish your own party, organisation and do what you like. If you want to do something for the society, never talk about racism. Good luck Birodi Gee. Hope to hear from you. Also, Kharel, Gurung, Rai, Chhetri, Dhakal, Bisokarma etc are last name but not the race.

  20. Thanks for conducting the annual convention for both the organisations. They might be formmed based on Act and regulation of America. I donot see any activities based on the aim and objectives designed articulatively in the eye of lay man. We dont see any activities done for the genuine Bhutanese causse and sufferings. Only conducting annual convention once in year donot reflect the vision of your organisation.

    Let us be a real reliever in the cause of misery.

  21. Dear Friends,
    I am writing some coments not because i am interested in organisations or what other people do. It is because of the following facts :1 leasure time 2. practicising typing skill 3. to learn how people react and 4.to make sure that someone can understand what i write. I am quite sure that when i start my work, i will stop writing coments because i am not going to have free time. Anyone with free time may continue …..coments.

  22. None of the organization are actually doing anything to the people in need. Leaders in both the so called National Organnizations are filled with egos in their mind which only does harm to themselves and to the general public.

    They so called national convention organizers paid the air fare for the people coming from the different states. The self made state leaders went to both conventions, you know why? Because some one paid for their all expenses. Most of the state leaders who participated the conventions does not have approval from the people in their respective states. Its true in my state and is true in many other states as well. Its just a shitty game you stupid folks are playing in the name of poor people. STOP THIS BOGUS GAME and do something to help the one in need.

    If you truely want to serve community, come up with something for the Washington families who are in dire need. OBCA, you need to rethink what you did last time. How much you paid for the soccer program in GA, and how much you donated for Tornado victims in MA. This shows how immature little stupid bunch of people are in OBCA. It also proves how ignorant people are ABA Fellows.

    Its a better truth.

  23. A agree with Hari here. These leaders have their ‘egos in their minds.’ They should have their egos in ther brains to function properly!

    I did go to one of the conventions but no one paid my air fare. Now, I know that ABA and OBCA are not only egoistic but they are also unfair. For some they pay air fare and for some they don’t. Where do they get their money from?

    These leaders also only think. They never rethink. They should really rethink and do something positive. Their leaders should have been leading the search operations in WA state, finding the lost youth before they died. Instead, they just organize conventions and stuff like that. They are so immature and so ignorant. I sometimes feel like sending them to maturity classes and unignorance classes – I would really do that if some one gave funding! That would be such a great help for the society of the community in every places of the cities and the states of the United American States.

  24. @ Tika you’re such an aggorant animal. I am hot headed, not only me thousands of people are made hot headed by virus like you. Majority of people are not happy with what you stupid folks are doing.

    This stupid folks were partying all over the place from the grant they got from somewhere while the people in MA lost their home, they became homeless for another time in the dreamland.
    Again, three men went missing for almost a month…..ABA folks were dancing, partying in Pittsburg, PA.

    This is the truth about so called National communities.

  25. Hellow Bhotangey,
    You feel yourself very clever and smart. If you want to praise someone priaise in public. I smell a rat in your writing. Please let us know whether you are hermophridite. …

  26. Hari,
    You need to come down then we can think of some solution. Nobody can stop nobody in this land. Your voice and cry is not heard even in your area. Your cry is in the air and useless.
    Let’s look at mathematical calculation. What do you mean by majority of people? Readers are reading only your opinion and there is no such proof of survey you have ever done and put in the comments you wrote.
    After all, what is your target and what convincing plan do you have for these leaders driving the community towards better avenues.

    What can you do for those missing and now found dead folks in Washington? Don’t talk about loosing homes, it happens in some circumstances. And what have you done for those who lost house because they couldn’t meet with monthly rent?

    Tell me something you have done for the community ever. Make commitment than you talk big. Things are easily said than done.
    Grants not for expenses in America.


  27. Shyam: I think that was the whole point – everybody who writes comments here seems to feel exceedingly cleverer than those they write about. Everyone has advice for everybody else and an opinion on everything.

    May be my post was trying to make a point of how that is not a very mature thing to do. I guess I banked a little too much on the ‘cleverness’ of others here then.

    I think that this forum was public enough – or does it matter where the praise and criticism comes from?

  28. To all so called leaders of bhutanese communities. Why don’t you work yourself in a company and live your own life? Why you guys keep bothering people saying ABA , OBCA , BCNH …….so on? What do you think you are going to do for the bhutanese people in USA. You guys do nothing. Just you want to sell their name and earn money for yourself and your relatives. Could you guys do a survey on some American people what community they are in? Who are their community leaders? Who is getting grant on their name and using it for personal business? The ans comes no. They dont need it. They don’t need community , they work themselves and live. So please don’t be lazy work yourself and live freely dont bother others don’t try to get government money for nothing and don’t fight for free money.

  29. It is worthless to put your mind and thoughts on unification of these two gidda organization claiming for national level organisation. Bhutanese people have not been posses the sense of unification and it won’t be in future also.. Had there been unification in the mind of all bhotangay why should we remain 17 years in refugee camp ? We would have established democracy in Bhutan is past decade but it was not ,do you know why? these giddas are still alive..they did same thing in the revolution of Bhutan collecting chanda from innocent people and fill their bag and came to Nepal safely..they looted Bhutanese people not only that ,they compelled innocent people to run away from
    Bhutan.In camps same thing they repeated in the name
    Revolution and collected chanda. Now here in USA also these giddas are trying to fool people, loot people in the name of grant and position so that they can feel their belly.I wonder why still our people believe and have faith in those giddas.. I want to point out that it is not the Bhutanese authority betray us it is these giddas betray us and n

  30. Hari,
    Your statement reads, you have spent numbers of years in the schools but your lack quality education.
    Your writes up is your face and the identity who you are. People like you raised in such culture, don’t have place in the world.
    Look at the bath room mirror and speak with your inner heart what it says. or if your don’t have one have a pot full of water and look inside on the sunny day. There you will your true identity.
    You don’t have to curse me, readers don’t like it.

    Don’t count yourself in majority section. You are quite far from the crowd.
    Cry and bust yourself but the organisational activities won’t hit brakes.
    It’s an ongoing process and it has to go for development and change the mentality of people like you.
    You may see another organisation in next coming years. Don’t dive in the river if you haven’t have swimming training at least in shallow water.


  31. Talk to some elderly bujurga and s/he just might say “kaag karaudai garchha, peena sukdai garchha.” ABA and OBCA should continue to do the good things (however small) they set out to do and let these naysayers keep shouting, or scribbling here. Some of these folks would like to treat you like you were their 24/7 slaves the moment you set up an organization and try to do something. Ignore them. Focus your energy on the work you do. They will never recognize your contribution unless it is given to them in the form of money or other resources. The underlying assumptions of these people is “if you don’t help me, you are helping no one.” For every purveyor of slime here on this site, there are hundreds in the community who wish you were able to do more than what you are doing now. So, again, focus on your missiona nd objectives. If you are making a small difference in the life of ONE person per month, your existence is worth it.

  32. @ Tika for your kind information I am a High School dropout, preparing for my GED.
    I have seen what you guys have done so far, being victim of your dirty play till date.

    I am sure some new groups, organizations will emerge in future because of what you guys are doing. People like me aren’t in the same page with you idiots. We want change, and all you want is to take advantage from poor people.

    I’m sure I am not qualified as you are in terms of taking advantage from other people, not experienced as you in terms of dominating others and fulfilling personal desires. I am sure school does not gives those knowledge in our younger school goers.
    The time has come for you guys to change. Once the, now school going students get out of the school, there is no place for you guys in the community.
    Peace out!

  33. Tom & Hari,
    Go through the GED, Certainly this course will well coined you and you may have ability understanding the practical parts of lives attached to non profits groups and the encouragement spills out of governmental organisations for ethnic community base organisations in America.
    Government pays for those who want to learn in this country.
    The grants you smelled is meant for those people who take initiatives and learn. The government have done lots of researches and pays for encouragement.This may sounds cray but in long run, government expect a value citizens migrated from other corners of the universe.
    I would request you to stand with educated arguments. Don’t just view that leaders are pocketing money selling the names of innocents.
    Try yourself and tell me the experience.