ABA 6th annual convention to begin from July 4


The Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) has said it has scheduled its sixth annual convention for July 4-6 in Syracuse, New York.

“The Association of Bhutanese in America and the Bhutanese Community of Syracuse (BCS), with support from the Bhutanese communities of Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Eerie, will organize the sixth annual convention in Syracuse from July 4-6,” said a press statement issued by its Executive Director, Aaron Acharya, Thursday.

The statement further said the convention would provide workshop sessions for attendees on organizational management, project development methods, important and interesting facets of life in the US and other activities that would engage the attendees of all ages.

“The focus of this convention will be less on both the organizing teams, ABA and BCS, and more on activities that will enhance the capacities of the attendees as they address issues facing their own communities.”

ABA has also claimed that it would pilot some technical assistance trainings designed for local Bhutanese community organizations at this convention.

One such training was piloted for the board members and staff of the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) earlier in March 2013, added Acharya.

The ABA Executive Director further said, “The convention is open to everyone from the Bhutanese community across the United States and Canada. Participants with a desire to attend all of the training sessions should arrive latest by the early morning of July 4.

The association also requested the interested Bhutanese to contact Hari Adhikari Bangaley (315.447.5128) and Aaron Acharya (646.469.3618), or visit www.aba-usa.org for further details regarding the sixth annual convention.