A resettled Bhutanese robbed at gun point


One refugee girl was robbed by a group of three people yesterday at around 12 AM local time in Stone Mountain city in Georgia on August 7.

Anupama Koirala, a former refugee from Timai camp, sector B/2, Hut no 19, was returning from her job along with her friends and a brother when the incident took place in front of her own apartment. They were being followed by three men as soon as they stepped in on Marta, the local bus that runs in the city.

After they got down at CVS pharmacy and headed towards Wyn View Apartments, where they live, they followed them further about 10 minutes before one of them pointed a gun at Shanti Ram Dhungel, a friend of Anupama. Then they snatched the purse from the girl and fled the scene before the police arrived.

This is one of the incidents of attacks on the resettled refugees in row. Lately the refugees have been living in intimidation; and it appears that those who work at night and who do not own car have been targeted more.


  1. They deserve for their choices amidst the fight for democracy. They have landed probably in a country least of democratic and security values. The best for them was to fight back their identity for Bhutan from their secured refugee camps in Nepal for their repatriation and not just accept third country settlement in face of greed to make better living and money. Their sacrifices for such a long time awaiting justice from Bhutanese government has been swept away by mere dream of third country migration and therefore winning justice through gun-point robbery and deaths as heard of, from developed country professional robbers.

    God Bless them All

  2. well so sad to know its really hard for we people of asain origin to get in to this bad enviroment i will call it bad coz this people are like hell and they just givve damn to what they gotta do.. and they are bad not all but most of them ,, probably who dont have jobs , i hate this part well they mostly target bhutanese coz we work hard and are still not able to buy a car to drive for work . i hate this shits who target and hate we us… balls to u shits

  3. It looks like they had ample time since the point they knew that they were being followed till they were snatched off their purses. Could not they call the police with their mobiles? The situation could have been different than I presume hear but i was just wondering and of late feeling bad hearing the series of incidents happening to the Bhutanese.

  4. I differ to what Sangay says here:
    America is a great country, full of opportunities and with the highest degree of democracy. So, the Bhutanese deserve to be in this country and I have no doubt that they will prosper successfully even within a short span of time with their persistence, perseverance and hard work. Sure, the best thing would have been to be repatriated but the 19 years were enough to prove that nothing as such would come on their way – for lack of everything – leaders, finance, methods, supports.. to name a few. Hats off! to those who have chosen to be resettled. Of course, the few incidents that are happening are disappointing, but the situations in the camps are worse. As far as possible, the resettled Bhutanese should try best to avert untoward incidents and the ones who are on the queue to be resettled should not take few of these obnoxious incidents and get discouraged. While there are a few unpleasant situations there are other hall marks for resettling abroad. I wish every body the best

  5. Sad to hear so many cases in short time. But life is like that. People have to be careful where they live. Sometimes the new settlers go for the cheap areas to save few extra bucks and suffer the consequences. In Canada I am helping the new commers to setttle and daily i have been telling them to spend little extra money for safer areas and be safe.

    I like to request the established Nepali people to guide the new people. There are many simple TIPS they can give to new comers life easier and safer.

    To the New Comers, don’t try to save few extra bucks by puting your life in danger.

    It is sad to read a note like Sangay’s. When people get hurt or killed we do not say such things.

    With best wishes to the all new comers.
    Happy Teej to all.