A couple displaced from refugee camp cries for family reunification

Gurung couple. Photo source/family.

A couple in Beldangi refugee camp who has been displaced after being robbed on June 23 has pleaded for their safety and re-union with rest of the family in the United States.

According to the couple’s son, Mani Gurung, based in Ohio, his parents Mon Maya and Dal Bir Gurung were first robbed at midnight last week. During the robbery, the assailants also threatened the couple of their lives before fleeing the scene with some cash that the couples had received from their children.

“The next day after the robbery incident my parents hut was set on fire while they were on deep sleep,” said Mani, “thankfully it appears the rain had put-off the fire.”

Mani quoted his parents as saying that the case was reported both to the local authority and the camp management committee. The local authority has informed the couple that it could not provide security to them.

“My parents are forced to live in a hide-out in the nearby local Nepalese neighbor’s house during the nighttime, while they stay at their hut during the day fearful of what is coming next,” said Mani.

Mani further urged the UNHCR and other stakeholders to look into the possibility of family re-unification with their ailing and distressed parents. “I’ve sleepless nights since the incident because each time when I talk to my parents they seem to be scared and under lot of stress.”