Drowned child referred to Sweden (Update)


Tromsø, Norway: Devi Chhetri, one among the three children drowned in Alta is flown to a hospital in Sweden at 19:00 local time for further treatment while Diwas Chhetri is still in the ICU in Tromsø.

“The doctors say that his condition is getting improved though he is still unconscious”, said Tek Bahadur Baniya, maternal uncle of the children over telephone. Sita Baniya, the other victim is undergoing treatment in the same hospital in Tromsø and is known to have improved much.

The incident is suspected to occur when the children happened to step a weak portion on ice-covered swimming bitch at around 16:00 local time on Sunday. “How the children fell down into the water is still uncertain”, writes popular Norwegian online, vg.no.

Details to follow

By Ramesh Gautam/BNS


  1. It is quite sad to hear this horrific news that our newly resettled kids innocently landed in such miseries. I send my prayers and good wishes for the early recovery of Devi Chhetri,Diwas Chhetri and Sita Baniya.

  2. A lot of newly resettled Bhutanese are becoming a victim of newness of life. Their hope of becoming a noble and educated citizen is turning in the mist of despair and uncertainity due to accidents or some other issues. And the saddest part is children getting hurt or turning into dissabilities from such incidents.
    It is very sad to hear about the news of this kind. However, let all resettled bhutanes of Norway join together to help those victims in this type of situation.
    May God help Devi Chhitri,Diwas Chhetri and Sita Baniya heal soon.Let us pray together for them.