A Bhutanese woman for drug traficking


A Bhutanese women identified as Zhimo was nabbed by customs officials of Thailand at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. According to the acting director general of customs Yuthana Yimkaroon, the officers found 4.9 kg of  illegal substance called Ketamine in the luggage of a 26-year old Bhutanese women.

The Ketamine drug (Photo: Internet)
The Ketamine drug (Photo: Internet)

The detainee confessed that she was hired by an Indian to be paid Thai Bhat 20,000 once the substance get picked by another accomplice. She also confessed that she traveled to Tahiland with a tourist visa five times.

It is reported that she will be charged initially for smuggling the drug and possessing the drugs for sale and distribution.

The customs director Yuthana said that it used to be Indians who smuggled drugs into Thailand, but now they have turned to hire the Bhutanese to evade the law against drug smuggling.

Nothing is reported about the value of the substance she smuggled.

Similar but unconfirmed report of drug smuggling by Bhutanese in Thailand came to news some years ago.