Saturday, May 8, 2021

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Time to recognize and embrace rap music

Although rap music is new to the Nepali-Bhutanese culture, its influence on the youth population post-resettlement is growing and undeniable. Let’s face it: This trend is certainly challenging our culture to acknowledge and embrace this genre. Historical contexts Historically African and Latino Americans from a marginalized community created their own...

I Loved The Land So Much That I Can Even Smell It Now 

One silent morning in October 1990 a sudden bomb-like boom rocked my village Purano Basti in Gelephu, Bhutan. Everything shook as if there was an earthquake. I shivered in fear. Almost immediately an armed Royal Bhutan Army guard standing in front of my house pounced on me and grabbed...

The Unending Marriage Journey

"Oh look out there, look out there, a bride has come, a bride has come", and everyone from their houses rushed to the patios to look at the new bride in the marriage procession. That would be a typical scene in early traditional marriages in remote villages of Bhutan....

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