Monday, April 12, 2021

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‘Bhutanese Weren’t Treated as They Deserve’

Ramesh Prasai, a radio journalist affiliated with Dharan-based Ganatantra FM, has spoken exclusively on the Bhutanese Refugee issue with Vidhyapati Mishra of Bhutan News Service. Expressing regrets on behalf of Nepal and the Nepalese people, journalist Prasai has felt sorry for not treating the exiled Bhutanese in the manner they...

Preserving culture in Diaspora

In the first part, you will listen to Norway-Bhutanese talking about their effort for keeping up with the culture while the second part features the audio excerpts of online Bhanu Jayanti Program observed by Bhutanese Diaspora.

Talk about repatriation-Kharel

In the first part, you will listen to a coverage on the missing youths in Washington. In the second part, you will listen to a speech made by a Bhutanese youth leader, Chhabi Kharel, in a discussion program in Beldangi. You will also listen to a report on settlement...

Luital highlights BR issues in Geneva

In the first part, you can listen to an interview with Parsu Luital who has reached to the Netherlands after participating in UNHCR high-level meetings in Geneva. In the second part, you can listen to a talk with our Buffalo based correspondent, Bhakta Ghimire, regarding Thal Khanal who was...

Scholarship declaration by Punya Foundation

Following a report on World Refugee Day, you can listen to a brief update on the Bhutanese youths missing from Washington, USA. In the second part you will listen to a conversation about the scholarship declaration by Punya Foundation.

Closing down Goldhap camp

In the first part you can listen to Bhutan Coverage by Ichha Poudel from Australia followed by a conversation with Goldhap Camp Secretary Chiranjibi Rai regarding complete shifting of the camp to Beldangi within this week. In the second part you can listen to a radio talk with Yam...

Tornado victims displaced, in need of support

The tornado victims in West Springfield, MA have been in a constant touch with the aid providers like American Red Cross, the latest report from the field says. Talking with Radio Program Saranarthi Sarokar from the disaster venue, Bhuwan Gautam, MA based BNS correspondent, points out that...

Protest from local community in Goldhap camp

There is a update of ongoing protest by local community at Goldhap camp followed by exclusive talk with Shanta Upreti of the agitating group.

Analyzing fund distribution

You can listen to a discussion regarding fund mobilisation for fire victims in Goldhap and Sanischare Refugee Camps in Nepal. In the first part, you will listen a short talk with Vidhyapati Mishra, Manager of Bhutan Media Society, who was in Jhapa for fund distribution. In the second part,...

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