Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Australia Aid To Bhutan To Fight COVID-19

Extending support to Bhutan in its fight against COVID-19, the Australian Government supplied medical equipment in response to the Royal Government of Bhutan’s request for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This was made public through a press release issued by the Australian High Commission. The medical supplies include protective clothing, sanitizer...

While the big and the small dragons tryst in Dok-la, the elephant trumpets loud

By: Govinda Rizal In early June 2017, Indian defense intelligentsia found Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) active near Doka-la plateau at the four-state junction between Bhutan, Tibet (China), and Sikkim and West Bengal (India). Between November 2015 and June 2017 about 10 kilometers of roads were constructed in the region...

Smartphone EEG technology for epilepsy diagnosis in Bhutan

Bhutan does not have a neurologist or medical specialist to take charge of the treatment of neurological disorders like epilepsy or seizures. Psychiatrists like Dr.Damber Kumar Nirola and Dr. Chencho Dorji champion the diagnosis and treatment of epileptic cases referred to them. Bhutan Epilepsy Project was initiated in 2012 with...

Prolonged Statelessness: A Slow Poison

Keeping citizenship and census pending for generations has been deeply ingrained in the system. Civil liberty is not guaranteed by the fledgling democracy of the Kingdom. After one generation of stateless people is bred, it multiplies, and that gives the authority of Home Ministry reason to criminalize these generations of being illegal immigrants who entered through porous border.

Dashain Teeka offered at Lingkana Palace

Their Majesties the King and Queen of Bhutan granted 'Teeka' and blessing to the Hindu Community of Thimphu yesterday at Lingkana Palace, the official residence of the King of Bhutan. Officials of Hindu Dharma Samudaya, a religious organization of Hindu community of Bhutan were present along with the priests who...

Conversation with TN Rizal

In the first part, you can listen at Bhutan Coverage of Ichha Poudel followed by a conversation with Head Teacher of Tri-Ratna Sec School facilitated by Khem Prasad Dahal on effect of resettlement on education. The second part features a talk with TN Rizal moderated by Hem Bahadur Bista.

Effect of TCR on Education

Ichha Poudel from Australia present Bhutan Coverage while Tilak Niraula moderates a discussion on effect of resettlement on camp education system. In the second part you will listen to Saranarthi Vitraka Saranarthi followed by Bidesi Chautari of Ramesh Gautam where he discusses intitiation of refugee education program in Maidhar...

Conversation with Dr. Lakshmi Dhakal

There is news at the beginning followed by report on cyber cafes and money transfers in camps by Jagen Gautam and Ichha Poudel presents Bhutan coverage. The second part features conversation with Dr. Lakshmi Dhakal.

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