Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Grassroot efforts aim to empower Bhutanese youths and promote positive social change

I once read somewhere that to be truly content with life, one needs to build his or her own ecosystem of communities. Such community could be with just one person - perhaps a close sibling, a significant other, or a best friend with whom you share a special connection....

RK Budathoki murder: One man detained; Budathoki’s widow reacts

Nepalese police have detained a man earlier this year as investigations into the murder of RK Budathoki, the founding president of the exile-based Bhutan People’s Party (BPP), continue. Devi Charan Dhaurali was allegedly hiding in Dhangadi in the Siraha district in Nepal under the alias Aarif Sharma when he was...

  Camp schools transitioning to local public schools

Bhutanese refugee camps in Beldangi and Pathri are dwindling to close, and so are the camp schools. Tri-Ratna secondary school is now officially closed after 57 grade ten students wrote their Secondary Education Exams. In the first week of March, I met a group of students at Tri-Ratna Secondary School...

Mental Health First Aid- training in Cincinnati and Harrisburg

August 3, 2017 Bhutanese Community of Cincinnati (BCC), Ohio and Catholic Charities at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania organized Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)- training on July 22, 2017, and July 28, 2017, respectively. Cincinnati: 45 participants from different areas of work, age groups and locations in Cincinnati attended eight hours long session with enthusiasm...

Prolonged Statelessness: A Slow Poison

Keeping citizenship and census pending for generations has been deeply ingrained in the system. Civil liberty is not guaranteed by the fledgling democracy of the Kingdom. After one generation of stateless people is bred, it multiplies, and that gives the authority of Home Ministry reason to criminalize these generations of being illegal immigrants who entered through porous border.

Urban Gardening- success of refugee integration

Gardening has obviously helped resettled people keep in a social relationship, keep connected and even way to share gifts. Vegetables , seeds and live plants are exchanged.

Census and Citizenship issue: a life in limbo

The Rai family is struggling to get their Bhutanese nationality reinstated, and the process of appealing and re-appealing has taken ever.

This is why I am voting

These days, Bhutan calls itself a democratic country. The prime minister of Bhutan recently wrote a letter to a U.S. Senator claiming that we never belonged to that land, and that we should not be called ‘Bhutanese’.

September 26: Namgay Zam vs AP Sonam Phuntsho

When people find the national media turning a deaf ear and blind eye in carrying the voice of the weaker sections of population, Facebook provided that space and liberty.

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