85,000 Bhutanese resettled


The latest statistics have shown that nearly 85,000 exiled Bhutanese have been resettled in various countries in the west. Altogether 84,738 persons have departed from Nepal-based refugee camps as of December first week.

The United States has accepted some 90 percent of refugees numbering as high as 71,581, Gopal Gadtaula from Jhapa reported in the Himal weekly published from Kathmandu.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), resettlement in other countries included Canada (5,673), Australia (4,734), Denmark (759), The Netherlands (326), New Zealand (856), Norway (550) and the United Kingdom (358).

The report further said that the refugee camps still continue to house 31,107 exiled Bhutanese.

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