6th Annual Interstate Soccer tournament kicks off in Seattle

Host Washington team with the coach Photo: Yug Dabadi

By: Yug Dabadi, Seattle, WA.

6th annual interstate soccer tournament kicks off in Valley ridge soccer fields amidst an inaugural function in Seattle on July 1, 2016.

Bhutanese Youths from fifteen different states participated in the tournament.  First and second rounds of games were played between 22 teams registered where team Georgia, Colorado, North Dakota, Texas, and Ohio entered for the quarter final playoffs.

Bhutanese Community Resource Center and Bhutanese American Sports council officials volunteered for logistics and other support the games. All the games were judge by the highly qualified officials from Washington Youth Soccer and Jitu Basnet, a US certified referee.  All the games were played in much disciplined manner and there were no injuries or conflicts whatsoever.

This year tournament has raised the standard of games and we are happy with the host communities who have worked so hard to uplift the standards of Bhutanese soccer, remarked a fellow Bhutanese soccer lover who travelled all the way from South Dakota.

Bhutanese Community Resource Center mobilized the volunteers from its pool to cater lunch, water, airport pickups  for the guests.

The final and the third place will be played in Starfire Stadium on July 3rd in the afternoon.

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