Resettled man killed in Rochester…


Update on Jit Bahadur Magar

Jit Bahadur Magar, shot and killed in Rochester by unknown gunmen outside a convenience store Sunday, is a father of seven kids, aged 2 to 18. The oldest son is 18 years. According to a source in Rochester, he was approached by three unknown men who intended to rob him. But he apparently tried to call police, that made the robbers to pull trigger at him.

Friends and co-workers are pouring support to his family by means of donating fund through gofundme site. The Bhutanese community of greater Rochester has called upon the donors to donate money to be deposited in the bank. In one gofundme  site created by Chet Timsina,  $1,134 is collected, while on another created by Sarah Allen Long the donation reached to $14,566.

It is also learned through unconfirmed source that his travel loan is waived on the request of resettlement agency in Rochester.

Jit Bahadur Magar was resettled in Rochester with his family in May 2012. He is originally from Mainatar of Gelephu Bhutan.