24-yr-old died in car crash


Chandra Rizal, 24, who was popularly known as Altine Chhetri among his friends, died of a car crash on June 7, Sunday in Clarkston, Georgia.

Chandra Rizal (Picture courtesy: Durga Khatri)
Chandra Rizal (Picture courtesy: Durga Khatri)

According to local police, Rizal’s high speed car crashed into a wooded area before it clipped the tops of many trees.

The family reported that they were notified five days after they filed the missing person report.  Clarkston police also acknowledged that it failed to notify family on time, and called the family on Friday to apologize.

Rizal, who was an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Engineering, was last seen by his friends at Kathmandu Kitchen, a local restaurant owned and operated by Bhutanese, on June 6 just a few hours before he reportedly went missing.

Dozens of resettled Bhutanese, local community representatives and his friends attend the funeral ceremony on Friday, Durga Khatrai, his brother-in-law informed.

Rizal, who previously hailed from Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Beldangi-II, arrived in the United States through the federally funded third country resettlement program in 2008.

He was living with his father, a sister and a nephew.