21 refugees injured in gas cylinder explosion triggered by fire in Pathri


At least 21 exiled Bhutanese were reported to have sustained injuries when a LPG cylinder exploded while they were battling to contain an inferno in Sanischare camp on Sunday evening. Of the injured, at least five persons were reported to be critical.

Refugees battle to contain fire (Photo: Hem Giri/BNS)
Refugees battle to contain fire (Photo: Hem Giri/BNS)

The injured refugees were rushed to Damak-based AMDA Hospital for treatment, informed Camp Secretary Champa Singh Rai.

The inferno that was first witnessed at 7:30 pm gutted at least three huts from Sector K-3, while another three were dismantled while bringing fire under control, according to local journalist Gopal Gadtaula.

The camp authority is yet to figure out actual cause of the mishap, and damage.