18-year-old dies in car crash in SD

Meg Gazmere (Picture courtesy: Argusleader.com)
Meg Gazmere
(Picture courtesy: Argusleader.com)

Meg Raj Gazmere, 18, died Sunday evening in a car crash in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Gazmere, whose car collided with a pickup truck on Highway 42 six miles east of Sioux Falls, died while he was being taken to a local hospital, according to his family sources.

The pickup truck driver, whom the South Dakota Highway Patrol identified as 26-year-old Michael Charles Fedt, and a passenger in the truck, Jessica Loosbrock, 25, are reported to have suffered non-life threading injuries.

Late Gazmere graduated from Washington High School in May last week, and was planning to join South Dakota University this fall.

The Gazmere family arrived South Dakota from Sanischare camp. None of his family members were reportedly aware about where Meg was heading to at the time of the mishap.

The funeral ceremony was not fixed at the time of filing this report.