17 year old student died in lake of woods Kenora


17 year Nishan Chamlagai and six of his friends did not know how soon they can return from their trip to lake of the woods in Kenora, Ontario, a four hour drive from Winnipeg, where their parents were resettled from refugee camps in Nepal.

Late Nishan Chamlagai
Late Nishan Chamlagai

On Friday evening, all boys except one, under eighteen, gathered in a neighbor’s house for a sleepover. Next day, they all set off for a gathering in a park. For additional fun, they also wanted to go for swimming, driving almost four hours to Kenora.

At around 2:30 pm, Nishan’s friends came out of water to look for him, and did not see him around. They thought he headed back to car where they parked. But he was nowhere to be found. The six youths went back to the water where they swam again, and one of them located Nishan in deep waters.

The police was called, Nishan taken to hospital, but was dead already. The police suggested that the dead body shall be handed over to the police in Winnipeg, and the family shall be informed in one or two days. Police informed a relative of Nishan’s death by drowning.

According to a source in Winnipeg, Nishan’s body is not yet returned to the family and his funeral date not determined.  “The death of a son for illiterate parents has been traumatizing”, said the source.

Nishan is a high school student survived by an elder brother,  parents and grandparents. The Chamlagai family was preparing to move to Quebec as they face this unexpected loss of family member.