103rd National Day observed in camps

As a state of dilemma whether or not to celebrate the National Day of Bhutan tightens up its grip, leaders of various political parties and human rights organizations gathered at Damak for an interaction program on the occasion of the 103rd National Day, Friday.
Speaking at the program, Chairman of the Bhutanese Refugee Repatriation Representatives Committee (BRRRC), Dr. Bhampa Rai, said the democratic struggle of the exile Bhutanese has failed to yield fruits due to lack of a visionary leadership.
“It is not that Dr. Rai should be given the reasonability to lead the movement,” he said, “I just mean that it is the time for all leaders in exile to learn that we are no where even after two decades due to the lack of a visionary leadership.”
Meanwhile, 10 leaders of various parties and human rights organizations sent the joint petition to the King on the occasion of the National Day demanding dignified repatriation to Bhutan. (Download the appeal here)
The leaders also expressed hope that all the internal problems of the country would be resolved judiciously under his leadership.
Similarly, on the occasion of the National Day, senior citizens of Bhutan urged the government of Nepal and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to pressurize the Government of Bhutan to begin the voluntary repatriation of the exiled Bhutanese at the earliest. (Download appeal here)

Video courtesy : www.titopiromitho.com