Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Faces of Bhutan

Dayahaang, Ugyen Chhoden and a Desi

Last month I watched a YouTube video featuring an interview with Bhutanese actress and filmmaker Ugyen Chhoden. Another one was a conversation with Dayahaang...

3: Yuva Ka Kura: Dating as Bhutanese Women

In this episode, Susanna Pradhan is joined by her friends, Prakriti Rai and Bishnu Mishra, to discuss what dating is like for them as...


A supreme court judge and army officer charged of corruption

Bhutan’s court system is once again rigged by the charges against high profile army officer and supreme court judge. Bhutan police arrested Kuenlay Tshering,...

Coping with a bipolar father living in rural Bhutan

In February, I received a call from my second brother in Nichula, Bhutan, telling...

Vaccinating the Bhutanese global community

We are now engaged in the latest phase of the global fight against COVID-19,...

Our patriarchal society puts women in a psychological prison

March 8 is International Women's Day and we should all ask ourselves whether we...

Good mental health can help us through the COVID-19 crisis 

The COVID-19 virus has now claimed the lives of more than two million people...

Restoring the “tired, poor and huddled masses”

The recent election confirmed that America is a country divided to its core. The...

Bhutanese Literature

  • होलीपर्वबारे केही सन्दर्भहरुहोलीपर्वबारे केही सन्दर्भहरु
    भक्त घिमिरे-पेन्सिलभेनिया/अमेरिका   [एउटा वर्ग छ जसले पुराना मूल्य-मान्यताका यावत जडहरुलाई दैविक, अजम्बरी, साश्वत, अलौकिक, निर्विकल्प सम्झिन्छ र न्यायिक परिवर्तन… Read more »
  • 12th Anniversary Special Issue12th Anniversary Special Issue
    Bhutaneseliterature.com would like to express its sincere gratitude to all contributing writers, well-wishers, and readers for their candid and constant company.… Read more »
  • स्थापना दिवसमा छ कृतिको विमोचनः पुरस्कृत कृतिको घोषणास्थापना दिवसमा छ कृतिको विमोचनः पुरस्कृत कृतिको घोषणा
      साहित्य परिषद-भूटानले मार्च २७, शनिवारका दिन अमेरिकामा आयोजित एउटा प्रतीयमान सम्मेलनमार्फत आफ्नो २८ औं स्थापना दिवस मनाउँदै परिषदकै प्रकाशनमा… Read more »
  • जनातीले हजुरबाबा देख्नुपर्छजनातीले हजुरबाबा देख्नुपर्छ
    कृति परिचय   भक्त घिमिरेः पेन्सिलभेनिया/अमेरिका     विधाः निवन्ध लेखकः कवि, नाटककार, निवन्धकारका रूपमा उदाइरहेका स्रष्टा नैनसिंह सारु मगर… Read more »
  • एकता (छन्द -स्वागता )
    हरिप्रसाद फुयाल पेन्सीलभेनीया                                   … Read more »

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